Dear Kitten: Regarding The Super Bowl

Another installment in one of our favorite cat videos has arrived! Dear Kitten is back and better than ever! This time, it’s regarding the big game.
Have you ever wondered what cats think of our super bowl celebrations? According to the cat, one day each year… things get weird! And Cat teaches Kitten the in’s and out’s of the weirdness. From the food, to the seating arrangement, he covers everything in all of it in it’s adorable hilarity! You’ve got to watch!

“OK yes, one time I tried it, by accident. And you know what, the next morning I woke up feeling terrible… wearing another cat’s collar. And I may or may not have been inside of a sock. Don’t ask, because I don’t remember.”

We love these ads! They should be made into a movie!! Which part did you enjoy the most?

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