Curious Cat Keeps Trying To Figure Out Who That Handsome Devil In The Mirror Is


Ladies and gents, meet Caesar. This handsome boy knows he is one cool cat, and because of this, he’s gotta keep himself looking nice. So what does he do?? Well, he checks himself out in the mirror every single day! It’s good to take pride in the way you present yourself, but it looks like this little man is taking things to a whole other level. I’m wondering after all this staring, does Caesar realize that he is actually a cat? Where did he pick up this trait from? Perhaps he caught his cat daddy taking some long stares in the mirror and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Take a look!

Source: Cat admires himself in the mirror by tima on Rumble

It looks like that man is going to have to get a bigger mirror when it comes his time to take a look at his own reflection. Has your cat ever noticed their reflection in the mirror? Mine sure hasn’t!


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Written by Modi Ramos
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