Clever Cat Figures Out How To Open The Cabinet Door

Okay Mac, you’re the look out. If you hear anyone approaching, lemme know right away so we can skedaddle to safety before we get caught! Hey Joe, you sure about this? Were you able to case the joint? Are you sure, no one’s gonna be around at this time? Of course Mac, don’t worry but nothing in this life is ever sure so just be the look out, okay?

Okay, let me see now…aha! A little pull here and then a push on the other side hmmm…also here.. Hey Joe, is it gonna take any longer? I’m getting slightly worried here.. Relax Mac. Look, it’s open! Wow Joe, you’re the best B & E artist in this side of town, you really are!

Source: Clever cat learns how to open cabinet door by forever4 on Rumble

Okay Mac, I’m going in to get your jerky and my tuna. Don’t forget the advance warning call sign, okay? And while you’re waiting, share this vid with other cats, let’s see if they can do a faster job of opening cabinet doors! 😉

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