Mama Cat Relishes Raising Her “Perfect Chonks” In Peaceful Foster Home

When protecting their kittens, kitty queens can be quite fierce. Ask any of the cat foster families who’ve housed stray and feral mamas. They’ll tell you these wild mothers are some of the spiciest creatures you’ll ever encounter.

But once many wild mama cats learn they aren’t in the thick of motherhood alone, that they’ve got a trusting and loving set of hands to help them raise their babies to happy, healthy, well-adjusted kittens, their feelings often soften where their foster moms and dads are concerned.

Christine the kitty is one such nervous mom cat who fell for her foster mom, Megyn the Kitten Konnoisseur; thanks to the kindness, love, and understanding, she showed the sweet tabby lady and her two kittens.


A Chance to Relax

Christine and her two newborn kittens were grateful to be rescued by the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, TX. Still, mama Christine just couldn’t relax in the busy shelter environment. But she wouldn’t have to stay long because Megyn was at work in the kitten nursery when the family of three arrived. And being an experienced cat foster mom, she knew a peaceful foster situation would be better for the mom and her little litter.

As Megyn told LoveMeow, “I could tell Christine was a bit nervous and knew the babies had the best chance of avoiding illness by getting into a foster home quickly. I decided to bring this family home.”

Once Megyn and the felines arrived home, Christine happily checked out the new digs and even enjoyed some pets from her foster mom. She happily approved of the cushy setup. But while friendly with Megyn, Christine still had kitten protection on the brain.

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“She has always been friendly towards people,” Megyn said of Christine. “She’s adept at ensuring she puts herself between humans and her babies.”


“I love that as protective as she is, the most she’s done is a protective growl, which is usually when she’s feeling a bit anxious if there’s quick movement or a loud sound.”


Christine is Pleased

And as their days together passed, Christine decided Megyn was alright and approved closer access to her kitten boys as they began to explore their comfy world. But while she okayed the contact, Christine always kept a vigilant eye.


“Christine is a very devoted and protective mama of her babies, Chip and Dale. It shows because these two are some perfect chonks. She is the absolute best mom for always being ready to protect her babies.”

And now that Christine knows she and her babies are safe, the mama cat’s sweet nature has had a chance to blossom. So thankful for Megyn and the safety and love she’s given, Christine often stands up and hugs Megyn’s leg to show her gratitude! She’s also proved quite helpful with the chores too.


“She loves to investigate everything I’m doing whether it’s cleaning litter or refilling her food bowls. I know she’s comfortable with me in her space when she’ll go over and nurse her babies with me present.”

Christine and her kittens are another triumphant tale of cat rescue magic and the power of fostering. Follow @kittenkonnoisseur on Instagram and keep up with this adorable feline family and all of Megyn’s Fine Foster Kittens of Austin.

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