Chatty Senior Shelter Cat Says “Hello” To Her Visitors

“Hello… Is it meow you’re looking for?”

This is Ruby, a black beauty at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary in the UK. She’s an older girl between the ages of 12 and 16, and with that age comes some unique wisdom and ability.

She held a very pleasant (if repetitive) conversation with a woman at the shelter a few days ago, and has earned a place in our hearts! What could Ruby have to say that’s so wonderful?

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary


She’s saying hello from the other side… of this kennel door! See for yourself:

Our cats can chirp, chat, purr, and meow, but it’s a rare kitty who can really, truly greet you with a “hello” when you walk in the door. All the more reason to give gorgeous Ruby a home!

This sweet girl is still waiting to say “hello” to her forever family! If you live in the UK and you’re ready to help her say “goodbye” to shelter life, you can learn more about her through her profile at

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