Chaotic Cats Jump Inside Woman’s Car When She Leaves the Windows Open

Natasha Ryce and her teenage daughter, Jessica Ryce, were visiting Natasha’s parent’s 40-acre farm home. Jessica was planning to go horseback riding during her stay, but she had left her saddle in the car. So, when she went back to the car for it, she discovered that her mom had left the car windows open. They had only stepped away for a short period of time, but in those moments, some cats had climbed into the open windows, and it turned out to be chaos!

Image: Jessica Ryce Facebook

Cats Going Insane!

As she approached the car, Jessica noticed a cat in the windshield, so she started filming. As she got closer, she noticed that it was not just one cat, but at least 6! All these cats were bouncing around the car like crazy, scrambling across the seats and doing flips against the windshield. 

As soon as they noticed the human staring at them though, they all began jumping out of the car in a panic. Jessica could not believe what she was seeing, so she rushed to show her family right away.

Image: Screenshot, Caters Clips YouTube

“I was sitting by the pond with my parents when Jess came running and said, ‘Mom, you have to look at this,'” said Natasha. “I have never laughed so hard in my life. It was one of those random, once-in-a-lifetime things.”

The farm is home to lots of animals including cats, dogs, ducks, horses, and pigs. So, Jessica and her mom knew there were cats around, but they had never been so close to them all at once. They said that the cats are generally very friendly, especially if you have food for them.

The family realized that they also had left popcorn, Bugles, and ranch dressing in the car. Natasha thinks that the cats likely smelled it, and that’s how they all ended up in the car. They are fed cat food on a regular basis, but of course, who can resist a tasty snack?

Image: Screenshot, Caters Clips YouTube

The Chaotic Cats Went Viral

Jessica posted the video of the cats on TikTok, and so far, it has more than 8 million views. It was just a funny video from her family’s daily life, so Jessica hadn’t expected it to become popular so quickly.

Natasha’s mom has dementia and spends most of her time in a wheelchair. She hasn’t been doing well lately, but she loves those cats. Natasha says that her mom would be happy to see how famous the cats have become. 

“I tried to show her the video when it first happened but her mind is going so much now,” Natasha said. “I am going to try and show it to her again because she loves her cats.”

Image: Screenshot, Caters Clips YouTube

On social media, fans have been going crazy over this cat video. Many of the comments include jokes and even memes about the event. The family is still in awe of how quickly their video gained publicity.

“It’s mind-boggling to me. We are just regular old working-class people just living in the country,” said Natasha. “All these people are liking and commenting and I’m like, ‘What in the world is going on?’ It’s crazy. We all post stuff every day of our lives but you don’t think it’s going to go viral.”

Natasha said that from now on, she will keep the windows up on her car. But who knows? Maybe an even funnier video will be created if she forgets again.

Featured Image: Screenshot, Caters Clips YouTube

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