Catterbox Cat Collar Lets Your Cat Talk To You In A Human Voice


Just when you thought animal companies had come up with everything, now they’ve really outdone themselves. But, this is for a product that may interest some of us–because of its unique ability to tell us something we’ve always wanted to know…what our cat is thinking!

There are times when I’ve pondered what’s on my cat’s mind, especially when he’s being silly or staring up at me with those loving eyes. I mean, how great would it be if your cat could tell you that they loved you?! Because obviously, that would be one of the things that they would say.

Well, the creative minds at the Temptations Lab came up with the idea to allow us cat owners to know what our cats our thinking–by designing a talking cat collar! Yes, you read that correctly. Now, see it in action:

Introducing, the Catterbox:

This cat isn’t a fan of this activity, no surprise there….

And cats wanting more treats–that seems accurate!

By using their app, you’re able to select your cat’s new “voice” from their available selections. So what do you think–would you get one??

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.54.50 AMvia

And it makes me wonder, just how much will something like this retail for? Sure I would love if my cat could talk, but if it’s going to break my bank I’m quite alright leaving it to my imagination.

Written by Modi Ramos
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