Cats Vs Waterbeds


What did mom just say, did I hear her right, sister? Did she actually say, WATERbed?? Water?? What were they thinking buying a bed like that! Water’s our no. 1 enemy, after all. Okay, where is it? Lemme at it, I’ll deal with it!

Hmmm, I don’t see it around. The bed looks normal. Let’s give it a try, rrrrrwarrrr!’s so bouncy! Where’s the water? I don’t see it around here. Wait let me try and dig on this side…nope, nada. Nothing here either. Well, you just be careful, you know how sneaky water can be, it can just squirt at us from any side. Phew! All this fighting with the waterbed is sure tiring, let me lie down for a bit of rest..

This bed is very comfortable, I can actually get quite used to it; live with it. What about you? Share this with other cat lovers and let’s see if they approve of waterbeds too! 🙂

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