Cats vs Shoes–So True And Very Funny!


“No, amigo. I’m telling you, when I’m done with them, they will all be destroyed! Or they will destroy me..meeeowww!!”

Okay, what is it with cats and shoes? Cats always seem to pick a fight with them and for an inanimate object, sometimes the shoe wins haha! Just take a look at this silly old cat, see how she picks a fight and westles with them? Cracks me up all the time and look at her face when she gets all tangled up – hilarious!! Cats can be so silly at times..oh okay, most of the time and without even trying, they give us such a good time always despite their being THE boss of the house, most of the time!! ^_^

Ever wonder why one of your shoes is always a little more worn out than the other? Now you know why! Share this cute cat video with your friends, I bet they’ll have a good laugh too! Oh hey, that’s my Jimmy Choo, noooo!!…

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