Chloe Is The Definition Of “Tiny But Mighty”

Chloe cover

Chloe is a very special cat who suffers from hind limb paralysis. Though the odds were stacked against her, she never allowed her disability to dull her shine! Hannah Shaw is a passionate cat and kitten advocate, who is known as the “Kitten Lady” in the world of animal rescue. She has dedicated her life to fostering kittens of all kinds, and helping to spread accurate and helpful information to those who are interested in feline rescue. Chloe met Hannah … Read more

Cinderblock The Overweight Cat Strongly Dislikes Her Workout

Workouts aren’t exactly a fun activity for most people or for most animals. Cinderblock the cat made this very clear in her viral workout video. Cinderblock, or Cinder for short, is a 25-pound Russian Blue cat that is trying to start a new workout routine in order to lose some weight. However, she is very unenthusiastic with her weight loss routine. After a 13-second video her was posted on Facebook though, people all over the world began to cheer her … Read more

Man Leaves His Corporate Job And Spends Years Living On The Road With His Cat

If you’ve ever worked at a job that doesn’t bring you joy, you might remember how amazing it felt to come home to your kitty at the end of the day. The only thing that could feel better is the ability to leave that job. In 2014, Rich East from Australia decided that he had had it with working in the corporate world. He had what he calls on his website Van Cat Meow, “the most well prepared mid life … Read more

Woman Is Stunned To Learn That Her Rescue Kitten Is Actually A Wild Cat

bobcat story

Jill Hicks was driving down a dark road when she noticed a small creature in the middle of the busy street. As she got closer, she realized that it was a tiny kitten in need of help. She immediately pulled to the side of the road, and left her car door open in an attempt to slow traffic. The kitten was stunned with fear, so she was able to scoop her up and bring her to safety. She originally thought … Read more

Potato, A Triumphant Cat with Feline Dwarfism

Potato Cover

Potato is a tiny cat with a big story. In spite of her difficult past, she has continued to defy the odds! Potato, a.k.a Stumpy Cat, was born with a list of troubling medical conditions. She was found to have joint and spine malformation, difficulty breathing due to her small rib cage, feline dwarfism, and to top it all off; she is also blind. All of her medical ailments lead to her small frame. Potato is alarmingly small, and is … Read more

Topless Aussie Firemen Cuddle Cats For Sexy Charity Calendar

What’s cuter than a litter of fluffy rescue kittens? How about a shirtless fireman snuggling a litter of fluffy rescue kittens?! Earlier this year, dozens of heroic hotties gathered to shoot six different versions of the 2020 Australian Firefighters Calendar. Our favorite? The Cat Calendar, of course! The Australian Firefighters Calendar first came out in 1993 with the proceeds supporting research into childhood burns. After nearly three decades supporting Australian children’s hospital organizations, the creators decided to focus on smaller charities … Read more

Husky Finds a Kitten at the Shelter and Now They’re Best Friends

When Raven the Tamaskan Husky was just a puppy, she was lonely. She wanted a best friend to be able to run around and play with. So, Christina, Raven’s Mom, decided to take Raven to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas to allow her to select a best friend herself. Christina wanted Raven to find a kitten she could grow old with, but of course, Christina couldn’t just pick a friend for her. Raven had to choose her new friend on … Read more

Instagram Cat Creates Beautiful Ambient Music

Madison was just an ordinary, lazy cat until one day she discovered a hidden talent. She found a new spot to rest, but it ended up being right on top of her mom’s launchpad soundboard. To her mom’s surprise, Madison ended up creating a beautiful ambient sound, causing her to become a new Instagram star. Could this adorable cat be the next famous DJ? This amazing cat’s mom is a musical artist in Brooklyn, New York named QRTR. She always … Read more

Ohio Family’s Missing Cat Is Found In Florida 5 Years Later

Back in 2014, Jericho Blue the Russian Blue cat was lost from his family in Ohio. Maureen Snowden said that Jericho was her son’s cat and she had been watching him while her son was away. Unfortunately, Jericho got out of the house while under her care, likely sneaking out when their dog went outside to use the bathroom. This event was devastating for both Snowden and her son, Zak, but luckily, good things come to those who wait. Jericho … Read more

Trader Joe’s Will Have Treat-Filled Advent Calendars for Dogs and Cats

Christmas is filled with exciting gifts for humans, but of course, your dogs and cats want to get in on the fun as well! So, last year, Trader Joe’s launched an advent calendar specifically for dogs. For all 24 days before Christmas, there is a salmon and sweet potato treat for dogs, and then a bigger, tastier treat on the 25th day. However, when cat lovers saw this product on the shelves, they were upset that there wasn’t something like … Read more