Taylor Swift Feels “Just Purrfect” About Golden Globe Nod

It’s never a surprise when Taylor Swift is nominated for an award, but her current nomination for the 2020 awards season is delighting cat lovers everywhere. The Golden Globes has announced Swift’s “Beautiful Ghost” for Cats is up for best original song nomination in the upcoming 2020 ceremonies. Swift collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the nominated song and, together, the pair captured the magical and melancholy glory of the production. @taylorswift13/Twitter Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the hit Broadway musical … Read more

These Human-Faced Kittens Might Just Strike-Up A Conversation

With the recent release of Cats in theaters, we were put in mind of Valkyrie the human-faced cat. Imagine our delight in discovering, Valkyrie is no longer the only human cat in her home. The world first met Valkyrie the Maine Coon in the summer of 2018. It didn’t take long for cat lovers worldwide to fall in love and trolls to starts the jokes. But here at iHeartCats.com, we’re fascinated by Valkyrie’s unique visage. Catsvill County Maine Coon Cattery … Read more

Cat And Dog Become Besties By Surviving Abandonment Together

Situations of hardship can create bonds as a Texas cat and puppy have learned. Left in an abandoned apartment together, the sweet pair survived hardship, coming through with an unbreakable bond formed between the them. A couple of months ago, a horrible discovery led to criminal charges against an Amarillo resident. Law enforcement officers were tipped about an animal cruelty situation and the investigation revealed a cat and dog had been left to survive on their own in a locked … Read more

Cans of Special Kitty® Wet Cat Food Voluntarily Recalled Over Possible Health Concerns

The J. M. Smucker Company has issued a voluntary recall on certain lots of Special Kitty® wet cat food. Ingredients used in certain batches of Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner Pate do not meet the Smucker Company’s rigorous safety and quality standards. No food-borne pathogens have been discovered at this time. Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner Pate is sold in individual cans and as part of variety packs. Please find affected lots listed below: Individual Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner … Read more

The Chimera Cat So Striking, You Can’t Look Away

What does the word ‘chimera’ mean? In mythology, a chimera is a fierce beast composed of a lion, goat, and snake. Fearsome and majestic to behold, but not the definition we’re looking for… Let’s turn instead to the term ‘chimera’ as its applies to cats, which presents a far cuddlier option than the monster of Greek legend. You’ve seen them before. Felines with faces toned in drastic and hard-drawn color differences. The unusual beauties  are referred to as chimera and … Read more

Reunion With Missing Tabby “Best Christmas Gift Ever”  

After a four-year deployment, U.S. Army captain Molly McFadden was excited to come home to the U.S. from Germany. Making the journey a couple months ago, she traveled with her feline family, three-year old tabby Milo and fluffy, ginger Beau. In a country far from home, the kitty boys were her family abroad. In a Facebook post, Molly wrote, “I didn’t have my family with me, but I had Milo and his brother Beau. They’ve been with me through thick … Read more

Update: Kittens Take Care Of Blind Momma Cat, Seek Fur-Ever Home

Sometimes, moms need a little help from their kids. This fact isn’t just for people, but holds true within the cat world too! When Merriweather and kittens, Flora and Fauna, arrived at the Winnipeg Humane Society, staff noticed a deep bond between the kittens and the older cat. Though they aren’t her kittens, the younger two treat Merriweather like a mother, and act as guides because their sweet “mom” is blind. Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch/Facebook Kristina Graham, manager … Read more

From Separation to Reunion, Microchip Makes It Possible

In the process of a move from Texas to Oregon, a member of the Martinez family slipped out of the car and went missing for months. Closing in on the end of his journey, Antonio Martinez pulled over at the Deadman Pass rest area in eastern Oregon. While Antonio got out to stretch his legs, his grey tabby, Korra, slipped out of the car. Devastated, Antonio and his father searched for Korra, but scared cats gone into hiding are near … Read more

Microchip Makes For Miracle Reunion

Christmas came early and in the shape of a miracle for Georgia truck driver, Matthew, and his good buddy, Ashes. A smoky gray cat, Ashes rides with Matthew on his long-haul trips. Together, the pair keeps comfy in Matthew’s eighteen-wheeler, making back and forth trips from their home in Georgia to wherever Matthew’s routes take them. LollyPop.org This past summer, on a stop in Springfield, Ohio, Ashes slipped out of the cab while the truck sat parked at a Love’s … Read more

Kitten Falls From Sky, Lands In Loving Hands

Kittens raining from the sky may seem like a dream come true in theory, but in reality, it’s a terrifying experience which could prove deadly. Lucky for one newborn kitten that actually did fall from the sky, the tiny baby landed without injury and into lots of love. In Chesterfield, UK, Kendera White jogged down a country lane on a quiet run when from her peripheral vision, she saw an unbelievable sight. “I saw something drop through the air on … Read more