Dads Who Don’t Want Cats Spoil Felines The Most

Fathers are famous for dashing their children’s hopes of adopting a fur-baby for the family. But how many dads, once relenting to the cries of please over and over again, fall head over heels for the critters they didn’t want? Probably darn near all of them because once a cat settles into your heart with snuggles and purrs, its all over. You’re a cat lover before you know it. Twitter user @roobeekeane posted a thread proving how soft dads can … Read more

A Mustached Gentleman, Gringo Is A Dapper Cat

Cats are adorable no matter who they are, but there are those with personalities that make them upstanding felines of a fine nature. They sit so proudly and preen their paws with careful consideration while casting assessing eyes over the peasantry. While still a young cat with frisky ways, Gringo the mustachioed cat is this type of dapper darling. A British shorthair, Gringo smacks of aristocracy with his handsome mustache. @gringomoustachecat/Instagram The handsome kitty and his family hails from France. … Read more

Dr. Leon, Lawyer Cat, Knows How To Work The System

Stop! In the name of the paw… Dr. Leon the lawyer is arrestingly adorable and his story serves as proof of the kindness in the world. The former street cat turned law expert and advocate calls the Order of Attorneys of Brazil home. But he didn’t always have the luxury of comfort and security. Leon began life on the streets of Brazil, hungry and alone. @dr_leon_advogato/Instagram In his wanderings about the city of Macapá, Leon was forced indoors by heavy … Read more

Feline Curiosity Solves Mysteries In ‘Peace Island’

Get ready, cat-loving gamers. The gaming world will soon welcome a new game for fans of felines. The cats of Peace Island need your help solving a mystery. Why have all the humans on the island disappeared? Where did they go? Players will solve the mystery from the perspective of one of nine different cats roaming the open-world setting. Like cats in the real world, Peace Island cats encounter danger in the form of other animals, but players can “gain … Read more

Rescued Kitten Goes On Ride-Along With Deputies

About a week ago, deputies with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office were finishing up a call when they heard a tiny soul in distress. In a large tree, a frightened kitten huddled high in the branches and cried for help. Somehow, the baby found its way up the tree and couldn’t find a way to the ground again. Sworn to protect and serve, the deputies knew they had to help. Deputy Brian Lister told Koin 6 News, “At first, I … Read more

Away In A Manager, Plenty of Room For A Cat Bed

Its true, cats will sit anywhere. Couple that with the divinity complex most cats possess and the perfect feline photo moment arises. Photographer Brooke Goldman was around at just the right time to catch such a sight. It was an early morning in December of 2017 when Brooke walked her boyfriend to catch his early train. Getting back to bed was her main focus on the walk back, but being a photographer, she’s always noticing the minute details around her. “I … Read more

The Loneliest Cat In Britain Gets Christmas Wish

When warm in the glow of the holidays, it can be hard to remember there are those that go without love and family in this coldest of seasons. Toby, an 11-year old tuxedo cat, knows this loneliness. He’s been in a shelter for so long he’s known as Britain’s loneliest cat. If the pattern holds, the sweet boy will spend his second Christmas with the RSPCA of England & Wales. And while he’s safe and happy with the shelter, he … Read more

From Songbird to Cat Whisperer, Anita Kelsey Helps Troubled Felines

A life on the road with superstars or a life working with cats? That’s a tough decision for many, but not for Anita Kelsey of Notting Hill, West London. She once toured as a back-up singer for the Spice Girls and the Kings of Leon, her talent garnering her a MOBO award. But after a while in the music industry, her heart longed to be elsewhere and preferably covered in cat hair. @cat_behaviourist/Instagram “I’ve always loved cats and knew I … Read more

15 Holiday Memes Cat Lovers Can Relate To

Cats are amazing and super cute bathed in the glow of a lit Christmas tree. But, how long does that Christmas tree really stand a chance with a feline around? All too many cat parents know the answer to this question when it comes to their felines. It took a good decade around this house for the tree to make a whole season standing. And while the tree stays upright, it never goes untouched. The tones of warning in which … Read more

No Cat Too Cute, No Space Too ‘Smol’

Tired of stuffing awkward-shaped gifts into boxes and wrangling them with fancy wrapping paper? Then take a break and look at these crazy cats stuffing themselves into awkward spaces certainly not made to fit a feline. With just under 250 bones comprising their skeletons, cats are masters of contortion. Sometimes, their choice of perch makes no sense to the human mind, but it does make for great photo opportunities. Check out these silly cats living life by the ‘If I … Read more