Cat Extravaganza Offers Delight For Cat Lovers

Cat lovers, pack your bags and grab your passports! Its time again for the LondonCats Cat Extravaganza Surrey, an “international show and exposition about all things feline!” Running January 10th–12th, the Cat Extravaganza Surrey offers cat lovers a multitude of experiences sure to delight. At the LondonCats Cat Extravaganza, “Thousands of cat enthusiasts will be coming together for an unmissable event that will feature an international competition with over 200 cats, a multitude of quirky cat vendors, 8 super interactive … Read more

Taco & Tequila, Dog and Cat Besties Create Purrfect Combo

When Delfina Plaja received a puppy for her birthday last year, never did she imagine the little dog would adopt a kitten. Delfina’s pup, Taco, struggled with potty-training, a problem many dog parents understand. Trying to help her puppy out, Delfina moved her home workspace into an alleyway adjoining the house. Not long after the move, a grey tabby kitten curiously watched her and Taco from beneath a car. @tnt_dog_and_cat/Instagram “It turned out he had been living all alone in … Read more

Black Cat And Magpie Are Birds Of A Feather

Cats continue to surprise the world with the friendships they make. For example, just when you think cats and birds are enemies, an unlikely friendship is proving an exception to what seems like a natural rule. While the bond wasn’t love at first sight, more like dinner at first sniff, a black cat and magpie have overcome instinct to become companions. Fur and feather dad, Matt Owens, didn’t set out to add a magpie to his household. He already had … Read more

Doraemon Built Over A Week, Kitten Catastrophe Occurs In Seconds

Collectors are particular about their treasures, but cats don’t care. If it means a good time, kitty cats will destroy anything. Phumai Phornthong discovered this hard truth after hours of work on an intricate collectible of a famous manga cat. Phumai manages Turbo Toy in Bangkok, Thailand and he’s used to piecing together intricate collector’s items for clients. In March, he received a 2,432-piece Doraemon interlocking block set. The large box contained several bags of blue, white, red, and yellow … Read more

Ilene The Blind Kitten Finds Forever Family

Ilene the kitten is blind. Whether she was born this way or lost her eyes to injury or infection will remain forever a mystery. But, regardless of her vision loss, Ilene is a spunky kitten, full of love and life. As a blind and abandoned kitten, she almost didn’t get the chance to know the comfort of loving arms and a forever home. Left in a trash pile and caught in a heavy rainstorm washing through Madera, California, the small … Read more

First Responders Give Cat Christmas Miracle

Even on Christmas Day, when the world slows to a near stop, rescue workers are still on the clock because emergencies happen even on the most reverent of days. A cat in Fort Collins, Colorado, learned this fact in the hardest and coldest way possible. When pretty much everything was still and silent on this recent Christmas Day, a cat had wandered out onto an icy lake and found itself stranded. To make matters worse, the scared and cold kitty … Read more

Girl’s Christmas List Asks For Donations Instead Of Toys

Landyn Wadsworth understands the true magic of Christmas, believing its in the giving, not the receiving. Not for the first time, the 8-year-old animal lover filled her Christmas list with requests for donations instead of toys. Landyn asked for food and supplies for the cats and dogs spending the holidays with the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington. As one of Santa’s best helpers, Landyn asks for donations in the form of cash, food, blankets, and other supplies instead of … Read more

Look At This Yoda-Eared Cat You Will

With Disney’s Star Wars hit The Mandalorian sweeping the nation, fans are obsessed with The Child. Or, as the internet knows him, ‘Baby Yoda’. Now, a cat with ears like America’s favorite green Force wielder has become a new fan favorite. And, she’s every bit as cute as the ‘Baby Yoda’ too. Thanks to her wide-set ears, the adorable feline has been dubbed Yoda Cat… Baby Yoda Cat/Facebook When the sweet tuxedo cat was brought to Cabarrus Animal Hospital in … Read more

Man Creates ‘Cat Coolers’ To Keep Stray Cats Warm

Philip Rogich is a hero to felines, helping stray and feral cats keep warm in the winter cold. As temperatures started to drop, Philip and his wife wanted to do something for the animals of Ogden, Utah, with no warm space to call home. Using an old cooler, a drill bit, and a wad of straw, he’s giving cold cats a chance to warm up and stay safe during the freezing months. In an interview with Fox 13, Philip said, … Read more

‘Cats’ Cast Trained For Feline Greatness By Co-Star James Corden

To perform with confidence becoming a cat, the cast of Cats had much work to do in learning how to channel their inner feline. Bringing out the cat from deep within proved challenging, but James Corden of The Late Late Show hosted a cat class to help his costars coax forth their wild instincts. Cats Director Tom Hooper welcomed Francesca Hayward, Rebel Wilson, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, and Taylor Swift to the intensive cat school. But when class began, Hooper … Read more