Helpless Kittens Were Dumped In The Middle Of Traffic – Who Rescued Them Will Surprise You!

These poor kittens were victims of animal cruelty. They were placed inside a bag, dumped in the middle of the traffic and allowed the unthinkable to happen. Sadly, only these two cute kitties survived the incident. They were saved  thanks to Ragon. Ragon is a canine who happen to be around the area – he dragged the bag of kittens before other cars ran over it. This dog’s instinct to nurture saved these cat’s lives is amazing. Such a miracle! Even … Read more

This Paralyzed Kitten Had Little Hope Of Survival But What Happens Next Was Miraculous

Not all cats are lucky after they’re being brought to the vet! Meet Oscar. He was paralyzed after a routine surgery was done on him. He can’t stand up, lift his head or even swallow when he was picked up by his rescuers. According to a neurologist, Oscar suffered a brain damage because his brain was deprived from oxygen for too long! Oscar needs to be put to rest but his rescuers believed in Oscar. They continued to give him … Read more

They Called The Bomb Squad About A Suspicious Box – What Was Inside Surprised Everyone.

A suspicious package was found outside the Social Security Center and that prompted authorities to close a highway in Brevard County Friday morning. The bomb squad took over the situation and they were pretty surprised about what they saw was inside the suspicious box. Two lovely kittens jump out the box and it even startled one of the bomb squad officer. Click the video below and watch this one of a kind cat rescue! Pretty awesome surprise. Have you ever … Read more

This Deformed Kitten’s Will To Live Gives Instant Perspective On Life

Many rescue stories teach us lessons about life. Meet Laura Hawthorne, who has volunteered for nine years rescuing cats and kittens who needs serious help. This is the story of Pretzel and her siblings. Born with deformities, life was not easy for these kittens. They needed special attention in order for them to eat, sleep and move. Unfortunately, two of pretzel’s siblings didn’t make it, but Pretzel continues to grow healthy and at seven months old, she is thriving. Watch Pretzel’s … Read more

This Rescued Kitten’s Paws Were Frozen To The Ground When They Found Her

Even though cats have fur to protect them in the cold there are abandoned cats who are not lucky enough to stay warm. Meet Chilli, who was rescued with her paws frozen to the street. After learning about her condition, they quickly took Chilli to the shelter at Finding Hope Animal Rescue Team (FHART). Chilli is recovering, thanks to her rescuers and to the person who found her. People are still sending donations for her medication until she fully recovers. This … Read more

These Heroes Wouldn’t Give Up On This Cat Found Trapped In A Burning Building

Hundreds of cats are trapped in burning buildings everyday and not all of them are lucky enough to survive.  What you are about to see is one of those handful miracles that happens during those rescues. Firefighters were able to safely pull out this cat from a burning building. But, just as we think that the cat is safe, he appears to be lifeless. Firefighters quickly needs to resuscitate and revive the cat or else he could suffer major brain … Read more

When Rescue Staff Pulled Up, They Had No Idea They Would Find 700 Cats In This House

It’s sad to know that there are cats who are victims of animal hoarding. These cats were expecting love and care but the condition that they were in was unbearable. In Alachua County, Florida, the Humane Society of the United States rescued over seven hundred cats and kittens who were living in horrible conditions in a hoarder’s residence. It was supposed to be an animal sanctuary but when they checked in the house, it was anything but! One rescuer said … Read more

Half Frozen, This Abandoned Cat Was Rescued and LIVED!

Sometimes, you’ll ask yourself why people try to have a pet but in the end if they can’t sustain the responsibility of taking care of them. Sadly, many cats are abandoned everyday because their owners can no longer able to take care of them. One Monday while this woman was driving for work, what she thought was a chunk of ice caught her attention. As soon as she approached it, she can hear the meows and quickly took it to … Read more

Blind Cat Was Rescued And Given The Chance To See Again

Even though cats are dependent creatures, they still long for love and care from us. Unfortunately, there are people who abandon their cats and neglect their duty as a cat owner. Meet Possum- A neglected cat, who was left inside a hoarder’s trailer. His condition caught the eyes of animal rescuers and they took him right away for medical attention. They were unsure if Possum would see again! Eventually, Possum was given the treatment he needs and is now living … Read more

Attacked By Coyotes, This Cat Was Saved By Her Brave Canine Friend

From all the amazing cat rescue that we see, this one is at the top of our list! Meet Jack and Kitty! Both were Sherree’s family pets and both were rescued. One day, Sherree was walking to the door and saw coyotes around the neighborhood. To her surprise, the coyotes had Kitty. One had her by the neck and the other had her by the tail. She thought it was kitty’s end but Jack rushed i there to the rescue. Jack … Read more