Kittens Trapped Inside A Hot Tarred Roof Rescued By Amazing Heroes!

The brave men and women of any fire department typically respond to any animal rescue situations. It’s part of their duty and we’re so thankful for them! But I’m sure the Austin Fire Department were a bit taken aback when they got the call for this next rescue. This is not your typical cat-in-a-tree situation. A litter of kittens covered with tar were rescued from a hot roof. Austin fire fighters were shocked with what they saw because the kitten’s … Read more

Mother Cat Rescued Before Being Crushed By A Mall’s Loading Dock!

You won’t believe the fate this cat has gone through. Mama, a homeless cat is pregnant and she’s been living in the streets. Because of her living condition, she was so filthy and her natural orange color appeared gray. She was first seen hiding in the bushes but she was frightened and ran towards a loading dock at a local mall. She began labor inside the loading dock and the worst part of it – she could be crushed if … Read more

You Wouldn’t Believe What Surprise These Guys Found When They Cut This Pipe In Half!

Animal rescues can vary a lot. While all rescue situations are incredibly important, some situations are much more urgent than others, much like this next one. Employees of the Redding City Fire Department discovered a pipe with a kitten squeezed tightly inside. The pipe was no bigger than 2 inches wide. It’s amazing he was ever able to slide in! And since the kitty didn’t have any room to move, they needed to make sure to cut the pipe open … Read more

Construction Workers Went Above & Beyond Just To Save Five Homeless Kittens!

We were pretty impressed to hear that this construction crew didn’t hesitate to delay their project, just to save trapped kittens. So thanks to their compassion, their construction project in Dover New Hampshire turned out to be rescue mission when they heard the sound of kittens meowing inside a wall. They had just finished building this wall but they have to undo the work to rescue the cute bunch of kittens. Four kittens were on the verge of losing their … Read more

Rescued Cat Gets Fitted For A Wheelchair And Brightens People’s Day

Emerson the cat should have every reason not to be happy, suffering through abandonment, abuse, and disfigurement. But instead, this special cat chooses to spread joy. Despite the cards that life has dealt him, Emerson is very affectionate and loving to humans despite years of being mistreated. Thankfully Emerson was rescued by the Houlton Humane Society out of Houlton, Maine, where they equipped this special cat with a wheelchair so that he could move about freely. via   When … Read more

Hearing Impaired Woman Teaches Sign Language To Cats…Must See!

When Kim Silva retired from her teaching days at the American School for the Deaf, she knew that she could use her talents in other ways besides teaching humans. Teaching comes naturally for Kim, and she decided to try training her cats basic signs to see if it could be done. “Guess I missed the kiddies so I began teaching the kitties!” Kim was quoted as saying, before her amazing video was captured and shared with the world.  via YouTube After … Read more

True Heroes: These Firefighters Will Risk Their Life For Our Furry Friends

Someone’s cutting onions again, because my eyes are all watery… OK – you caught me. I may be tearing up over this touching video I’m about to share with you. (But you can use the onion excuse if you need to!) Statistics show that 64% percent of households in the United States have at least 1 cat, with 24% of homes having 2 or more! With numbers like that, you can imagine why firefighters run into plenty of cats needing … Read more

Watch As This Tiny Kitten Gets Rescued After Being Trapped In The Wall For 4 Days!

We see a lot of cat rescue videos every day, but this one totally took our breath away. It’s so intense and we weren’t sure what the outcome would be!   This little kitten went missing and his family looked everywhere for him for four days without any luck finding him. Just when they were feeling hopeless, they heard some meowing… and incredibly, it was coming from inside the wall on the second floor of their home! They had to … Read more

Rescued Cat Proves Beauty Is On The Inside

No matter how unfortunate the situation is, there are some animals that refuse to give up. Many people may resort to euthanizing their pets to end the suffering but sometimes, a miracle can happen… Meet this miracle cat named Gülümser. Her name means “she who always smiles.” Unfortunately, her deformed face and head will show you just how much suffering this cat has gone through. She was found in Istanbul when she was four-weeks old. Apparently, worms ate her ear, … Read more

Man Rescues Fifteen Cats And Transforms Their House Into A Cat’s Dream Land

The number of cats that are abandoned each year is astronomical. All they really want is a loving forever home! So it’s always refreshing to see that there ARE good people out there with a big heart for our feline friends. Meet Peter Cohen, he’s definitely a lover of cats. In fact, he’s dedicated his life to them! He has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his entire home – talk about dedication! He’s accepted the fact that … Read more