Siamese Rescue Cat Gives Birth To A Litter Of 4 Striped Tabby Kittens

While sometimes kittens are born looking just like their momma, this rescue cat recently gave birth to a litter of kittens that looked entirely nothing like her (talk about strong poppa genes!). The rescue Siamese mix named Maggie was noticeably pregnant when she first came into her foster home. After bouncing around from shelter to shelter Maggie ended up with Cindy, the foster mom for Foster_Kittens in a suburb of Seattle, Washington who works closely with the Seattle Humane Society. … Read more

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Your Work Had A Cat Library–Complete With Loanable Kittens!?

Since many of us don’t work in pet stores, the chances of getting to hold kittens while on the clock would be something only our imaginations could dream of. But if you happen to work for the local government of Doña Ana County in Las Cruces, New Mexico, then you can just loan out an adorable cat or kitten from their cat library while at the office. Don’t believe us? See the photos below for proof! via their Instagram page, @donaanacounty: Are you … Read more

This Cat Works Hard To Revive His Feline Friend–At 1:20 Will Break Your Heart!

Humans are not the only ones who can feel the loss of a friend. What your are about to see is the most touching video of a cat trying to revive his dead friend. This stray cat was filmed in Turkey ( Kızılsaray district of Antalya) trying to do a CPR on his dead friend who was tragically hit by a moving vehicle. The look in his eyes really shows that he lost a very special friend. People around the … Read more

Couple Destroys Kitchen Wall To Rescue Kitten Trapped For Three Days

Would you go as far as destroying your house to save a kitten? I know I would! The couple in the video below did just that to save a kitten who has been trapped in their kitchen wall. Norma Velez uploaded the video of how they destroyed their kitchen wall to save a kitten who has been stuck there for three days. There are no details of how the kitten got stuck in the wall. But when the couple heard … Read more

Special Needs Kitten With Rare Condition Finds A Forever Home

Meet Bebe, an adorable kitten that is full of life with a joyful spirit and sweet personality. He’s just like any other kitten would be, except that he was born with Manx Syndrome (also referred to as Manxness) which leaves him two vertebrates short in his spine and unable to control his bowels. via YouTube   Luckily Cats at the Studio cat rescue in Burbank, California took him in, hoping to find an answer on the best possible home that would suit Bebe’s … Read more

Born With Only Two Legs, This Cat Still Lives Life To The Fullest

A photo posted by Roux! (@lilbunnysueroux) on May 21, 2015 at 7:38pm PDT Meet Roux, the adorable cat that is so cute she will make your heart melt. After being born with a congenital deformity that caused her to only have her two back legs, life proved to be a hard road initially for this precious kitty. Because Roux was unable to cover her waste in her litter box, she was surrendered to an animal shelter just outside of New Orleans, … Read more

2 Day Old Kitten That Was Covered in Maggots Is Rescued by a VERY Unlikely Hero!

Many cat rescue stories we see is about us rescuing a cat. But in this video, you’ll be surprised on who our hero is! While Opie the puppy was busy playing around the yard, he saw something that caught his attention! He found what seems to be a kitten behind their apartment building! Meet Roscoe, the kitten who’s covered in maggots and was stuck under a log! Opie refused to leave his new furry friends and opted to stay with … Read more

Angel’s Story Of Survival In Six Minutes! – She Lived To Inspire Us!

Not all cat rescue ends happily ever after. There are instances that the only thing that we can do for them is to give them the best love and care on the remaining days of their lives. In six minutes, this video will change your life. Three kittens were in a life and death condition. Doctors did all they can do to save their life but sometimes, they’ll just have to accept the fact and let them cross the rainbow … Read more

This Cat Suffered The Unthinkable. But What Happened Next Will Make Your Heart Melt!

Some people’s cruelty is beyond unacceptable. More like they don’t see animals as something that has life and feelings. Meet Morris, the cat who suffered man’s cruel acts. He was kicked in the stomach and that left him with a life threatening internal injuries. Breathing is a struggle for this poor cat. His diaphragm was broken and that resulted to push his liver towards his lungs. Surgery is our best option or else this cat would risk losing his nine … Read more

This Cat Is Destined To Live – Her Story Of Survival Will Shock Everyone!

It’s so heart melting to see cats being rescued from neglect or abandonment. These rescue stories inspire people to pay it forward and extend their hands to these cats in need. She’s missing an eye and unable to move, meet the luckiest cat named Tater Tot! A disabled kitten who’s fighting for her life. She was trapped inside a car that’s about to be wrecked. Unable to move and get out of the situation, this kitten is minutes away from … Read more