Amazing Rescuer Saves Three Cat Families By Meowing To Them

Mona Boucher has a knack for rescuing cats, but she does it in a way we’ve never quite seen before! After a feral cat population got out of hand at a fish farm, Boucher and other rescuers at DrNworb’s KitsCats were called in to save them. When they arrived, they found 3 nursing mothers and 20 kittens of various ages. Catching them all was certain to be a difficult task, but Boucher sang the song of meows and the kittens came running. … Read more

Awesome Website Live Streams Animal Shelters To Help Pets Find Homes

Let’s face it, most of our time on the internet is spent watching videos of animals. Thankfully, AnimalsLife.Net had the brilliant idea to take this passion and put it to good use towards animal welfare. What this amazing website does is incredible – they play live stream videos from animal shelters 24/7, across various countries. Per AnimalsLife.Net, they are an “online portal for people, who want to make the life of animals better and happier. The live streaming project aims … Read more

Special Litter Of Polydactyl Kittens Are In Search Of Their Forever Homes

With so many animals entering animal shelters every year, it can be difficult to find homes for them all. In fact, it’s even tough to stand out in the crowded buildings and kennel areas. Unfortunately, many pets await their forever homes far too long in a concrete or metal kennel. While most people looking for unique or purebred animals don’t go into the shelter, we advise that they take the time to take a look! After all, a recent litter … Read more

Saved From Slaughter, Piglet Becomes BFF’s With A Kitten

Master Julian, as he has come to be called, was one of three piglets stuffed in a straw basket on the back of a motorcycle. They were being taken to town, to be raised for meat. They would be slaughtered within six months. Catherine Besch, co-founder of Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue, saw the litter of piglets on the back of the motorbike and wanted to do something. Sadly, she couldn’t save them all – just one. She had to … Read more

Employees Of The Month: Brewing Facility Hires Feral Cats For A Special Job!

Whether you like beer or not, you are going to love this story. Empirical Brewing of Chicago, Illinois had a large problem common with most breweries and distillers – rodents. After all, they are storing large quantities of grains, something that attracts rats and mice. They tried everything, including professional exterminators, but nothing worked. After tossing out 50 pounds of grain, they decided it was time to try something else. (All photos are screen shots via Vimeo.) So December 2015, … Read more

Kitten Whose Head Was Stuck In The Bottom Of A Garbage Bin Gets A New Lease On Life

It’s not easy living in the streets, with no home, and no food. How much more if you are a tiny, helpless kitten? The 5-month-old kitten below is homeless and all alone. She had to fend for herself and search for her own food. To survive this poor kitty was looking for food inside a trash bin. But when people were emptying the bin, she panicked and tried to escape in a hole at the bottom of the bin. But … Read more

Rescuers Save A Cat Floating In Her Litterbox During Heavy Floods

Because of excessive rainfall, a lot of areas in Missouri have been ravaged by flood waters. The floods not only affected the people, but also the animals that reside in the area. Thankfully, rescue organizations like the Humane Society of Missouri have been saving animals that are affected by the flood. Rescuers of the Humane Society of Missouri passed by a flooded trailer in Fenton Missoure, and they were surpised to see a cat floating in the flood in her … Read more

After A Daring Rescue, One Super Kitten Still Needs A Home!

Cimeron Morrissey, who helped establish Project Bay Cat in San Francisco, California, is the type of person that won’t turn away any kitty that needs her help – no matter where in the world she is.  She and her husband recently moved to Penang, Malaysia for an expat assignment. It must have been fate, because in the parking garage of her condo complex was a mama feline and her babies, in need of desperate help. They were moments away from … Read more

Cat That Was Once Forced To Live In A Birdcage Is Now Enjoying A Life Full Of Love

I don’t know about you, but I love a good happy ending–especially when it has to do with animals! Animals have my heart and it pains me to see them suffer. Holly Peppermint the cat did not have an easy start at life. This beautiful ginger tabby was forced to live in conditions unimaginable: confined to a bird cage outdoors, infested with fleas, and no clean space to lay or the ability to walk freely. But the worst part? This … Read more

Two Kittens Saved By Police Officers From A Car In An Impound Lot

We love rescue videos; they remind us that there’s still some good left in this world. Despite the animal cruelty cases that we see, there are still some good and kindhearted people who take their time to rescue animals. Just like the police officers in the video below. In Wichita Falls, Texas, Billy Williams, an impounds supervisor, saw a stray mother cat come out of one of the impounded cars. He then discovered that the cat had given birth inside … Read more