Rescuers Climb Over Barbed Wire To Save Kittens Stranded In Trench Full Of Trash

There’s few things that we love more than a rescue story with a happy ending! These kittens were found in the narrow space between two walls, living in the pile of garbage that had accumulated there. They weren’t likely to be spotted in such a tiny space with such high walls, but luckily someone saw them and called Hope For Paws! Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue in California dedicated to rescuing abused pets and strays. They’re available … Read more

Blind Cat & His Seeing-Eye Sister Need A Home Where They Can Stay Together

Ray and his sister-from-another-mister Bea arrived at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter on September 21. Ray is a stunning Himalayan and Bea is a Calico cutie. Six weeks have passed, yet this adorable pair is still waiting for a forever home. It could be that potential adopters are concerned about Ray’s blindness – but with Bea by his side, this seal point beauty is definitely handi-capable! Ray and Bea’s story appeared on the Front Street Animal Shelter Facebook page Thursday … Read more

After Hurricane Irma, “Seeing Eye Cat” & Her Blind Dog Friend Only Have Each Other

After a harsh past, two senior pets from north Georgia are looking for a quiet place to live out the rest of their lives. They’re like many other homeless animals waiting for families, but this pair isn’t exactly average. Edward, a Yorkshire Terrier, and Kim, a calico cat, are best friends. Partially blind Kim serves as a “seeing eye cat” for completely blind Edward, and after surviving years of neglect and Tropical Storm Irma, the pair refuses to be apart. … Read more

Flame The Arson Cat Rescues The Firefighters Who Rescued Him

Two years ago, Flame was a malnourished stray cat wandering around the Belmont Fire Department in Greenville, South Carolina. Now, he’s Flame the Arson Cat: mascot, shadow, and stress reliever for the firefighters. Nothing to see here keep it moving fellas. This is totally a normal thing in the cat world I promise. #okimstuck A post shared by Flame the arson cat (@flamethearsoncat) on Jul 14, 2017 at 1:42pm PDT Firefighter engineer Jordan Lide was the first to befriend Flame and … Read more

Fierce Former Feral Cat Has Surprising Reaction To Foster Kittens

When feral cats are brought in from the street, the “solution” to their problems is usually euthanasia. They’re unaccustomed to being around humans, and scratching, biting, and hissing are their ways of communicating their distrust. But when an aging feral cat with advanced kidney disease was found in October of last year, his rescuers wanted a better future for him. The cat, later named Mason, was trapped as part of a Feral Fix-a-Thon that intended to help control the large … Read more

Terminally Ill Kitten Teaches Young Family About Love & Compassion

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Salt Lake City, Utah has just one mission – to “save them all.” By “all,” they mean every pet that enters a shelter, including those that might otherwise be killed due to age, behavior, or health. A kitten like Apple, a tabby and white domestic medium hair, would have been euthanized immediately, had she found herself in a kill shelter. Luckily, she came to Best Friends instead.   When Apple first arrived, she had ringworm and … Read more

Hero Doc Transforms This Pitiful Kitten Into A Carefree Cutie!

Dr. Matt Carriker is melting hearts yet again! Via his insanely popular YouTube channel, Vet Ranch, Dr. Matt documents his most dramatic rescue cases and spreads his mission to “save them all!” Recently a tiny ginger kitten arrived in desperate need of Vet Ranch’s help. He was undernourished, dehydrated, covered in fleas and suffering from a terrible infection in his eyes. The first step to helping the dangerously ill kitten – named Mr. Peepers because of his eye condition – was … Read more

Kitten Cheats Death, Finds His Purpose Comforting Other Rescues

Champ is a special kitten. He was found in a litter of abandoned kittens stuffed inside a box and discarded at gas station. Thankfully a good Samaritan discovered the kittens and immediately took them to Animals in Distress, a rescue organization in Ipplepen, UK.   He was one of four kittens in his litter. They were so young when they were found that their umbilical cords were still attached. Without any milk from their mother, they weren’t able to get the … Read more

Two Strays Found Cuddling Under A Car Can’t Live Without Each Other

It’s not every day that dogs and cats get along and a shelter in Chula Vista, California was surprised when they picked up two strays together. The orange tabby and Miniature Schnauzer were found homeless and taken in by Chula Vista Animal Care Facility. Operating under their standard procedures, the cat and dog were separated and kept in different areas of the shelter. This makes sense, because most cats and dogs don’t get along together. In fact, most shelters have … Read more

Rescue Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They Discover Two Male Calicos In The Same Litter

Thousands of kittens are taken into shelters and rescues every year, but this particular litter of calico kittens has The Cat House on the Kings surprised. The litter of five babies came to the rescue in Parlier, California just last month and the cat lovers taking care of them soon discovered that two out of the five calico kittens were males. This might not sound that interesting, but the science behind it is pretty impressive. Love Meow reports it’s estimated … Read more