Tiny Adult Cat The Size Of A Kitten Learns To Love Life After Suffering For So Long

When the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals picked up Giselle, they were surprised to see just how tiny she is. At two-years-old, rescue workers knew she was small but not quite a meager 2.5 pounds! When they shaved off all of her mats and gave her a bath to make her more comfortable, they really got to see how little she is. When I first arrived at the shelter I was matted and pretty scared. I … Read more

When The Shelters Filled Up, This Rescuer Created A “Kitty City” On Her Farm

Alison Smith, founder of Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue in Mandan, North Dakota feels that rescuing animals is something she has to do –  a true calling. That’s why her property is home to a menagerie of cows, goats, mini horses, full sized horses – and now, 13 cats and counting. As in many regions, the shelters in her local area are filled to capacity and unable to provide sanctuary to all of the cats in need. So Smith decided … Read more

Kitten Born Blind With ‘Pretzel Legs’ Finds A Savior Who Believes In Her

Nearly 4 years ago, Carmen Bernard spotted a tiny kitten struggling across a Florida Highway. Her tiny legs and tail appeared “twisty” as if she had been hit by a car. When Carmen’s vet examined the kitty she received the shocking news that not only had the 5-week-old Seal Point been born with severe deformations of her rear limbs; she was also blind.   Knowing that the kitten’s special needs put her at high risk for euthanasia in a shelter, … Read more

Two Kittens Born Without Eyelids Are In Search Of A Forever Home

When a couple rescued two kittens in New South Wales, Australia, they were certain the two kitties were different. There was something very strange about their eyes and when they took the kittens to the local RSPCA, their thoughts were confirmed. These two kittens were born without eyelids. A very rare condition, they would be completely blind within the year without corrective surgery. To make sure this didn’t happen, Patrick Jones of RSPCA worked with a dedicated veterinary team at … Read more

Lucky Stray Kitten Recovers From Accident As Adorable Tiny Purrito

A tiny kitten in Florida got a very lucky second chance after being found lifeless on the side of the road. He had been hit by a car and the situation was looking very grim when a good samaritan contacted the local rescue, Caring Fields Felines. The rescue immediately rushed him to an animal hospital where x-rays were taken to see the extent of the damage. The poor kitten had a broken neck and needed to be placed in a total … Read more

Queen Of The Bottle Babies: One Woman’s “Tail” Of Fostering Kittens

You may remember a story we shared back in February about a kitten named Chloe, who was rescued by a team of fast-acting people just moments before she was to be euthanized. A critical member of that team was a woman named Cheri Friedman. One of the reasons Cheri was able to act so quickly to rescue little Lily was because it wasn’t the first time she has saved a kitten. In fact, rescuing kittens has been the focal point … Read more

Piglet The Super Cat Will Leave You Squealing With Joy

If you think the average kitten is cute, wait till you see Piglet the Super Cat! Lil’ Piglet has a cleft upper lip, which makes her nose look like a teeny snout. One of the greatest things about the internet is that it allows us to follow along with the stories and lives of cats like Piglet who are a little different than the cats we may see every day.   Piglet was rescued along with her orphaned littermates when they … Read more

Everything Changes When This Kitty Feels Love For The First Time

When a tiny stray kitty showed up on their front porch, Reddit user StockmanBaxter wasn’t expecting to adopt a new family member. He and his wife didn’t want to leave the stray kitten to fend for himself, so they attempted to catch him. It took a while because the poor kitten was so scared, but they eventually caught him and brought him inside.   Covered with fleas and ear mites and very underweight, they took him to the vet for a check-up. … Read more

This Woman Wasn’t A “Cat Person” Until They Started Showing Up At Her Door

Her house is not laced with catnip, nor do they put food around it; but for some reason, cats keep on showing up at Maria Delk’s house. Maria lives in Rio Vista, California. Nobody knows why cats keep on appearing at Maria’s residence. They couldn’t explain it. But Maria and her family has rescued and cared for the cats that appeared and asked for her help. And since then her house has become like a sanctuary for wayward cats. A … Read more

28lb Senior Cat Sheds Half Her Body Weight Thanks To Loving Rescue

    A cat named Lunchbox weighed 28 lbs when she arrived at Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary in January of 2015.   “She was so out of shape,” says one of the owners on Reddit, “she couldn’t walk more than a few feet without getting winded and having to rest. Her stomach was barely an inch off the floor. She couldn’t groom at all, she was matted and we had to clean up her backside regularly because, well … Read more