Terminally Ill Kitten Teaches Young Family About Love & Compassion

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Salt Lake City, Utah has just one mission – to “save them all.” By “all,” they mean every pet that enters a shelter, including those that might otherwise be killed due to age, behavior, or health. A kitten like Apple, a tabby and white domestic medium hair, would have been euthanized immediately, had she found herself in a kill shelter. Luckily, she came to Best Friends instead.   When Apple first arrived, she had ringworm and … Read more

Trucker & His Rescue Cat Co-Pilot Cruise The Country

Paul Robertson doesn’t need one of those bobble-head dashboard ornaments for his big rig. He’s got something even better! His rescue cat, Percy, rides by his side everywhere he goes on a special platform Robertson built just for him. The life of a long haul trucker can get awfully lonely, so when Robertson’s beloved kitty, Howie, passed away last year, he decided to rescue another fellow feline traveler. When Percy and Robertson first met, the trucker noticed that the orange … Read more

People Were Told Not To Touch This Desperately Lonely Cat

If Sylvester didn’t already have the coldest, loneliest job on Earth, the note that someone left alongside the cat pretty much guaranteed it. The letter, stuck to a wall in the house where Sylvester lived, simply read, “Please leave cat alone. Cat there for a reason.” And that reason? To control the rat population in the Cornwall, Ontario, house.   The thing is, Sylvester wasn’t doing so well at rat control. In fact, his fur was frayed, his body covered … Read more

UPDATE: Starving Senior Cat Who Refused To Give Up Just Found Her Forever Home!

Warning: Some of the images below may be disturbing for some readers.  Update: Raggedy Ann has found her forever family! An iHeartCats reader saw this sweet girl’s story and knew she had to adopt her. Ann’s mom gave her rescuers this update, which they posted on her Facebook page: Just thought I’d let you know she made it here. She was so good in the car. She actually fell asleep at one point just like a kid in a moving car. … Read more

Man Intends To Adopt A Kitten, Takes Home A 12-Year-Old Senior Cat Instead

When a university student named Paul decided to get a pet, he knew that a cat would be the perfect choice. “I wanted a cat because cats are generally low maintenance pets that also provide a lot of emotional support and amusement, which is especially helpful in the stressful environment of a university,” he explained to iHeartCats.   So, he took a trip to the shelter, intending to adopt a spunky, wide-eyed kitten. But as he walked around looking into the cages … Read more

Man Creates A Sanctuary For Homeless Cats In Honor Of The Son He Lost

On a typical residential street in Medford, NY sits a home that is anything but typical. Chris Arsenault’s modest Long Island residence serves as a shelter, rehab and nursery for more than 300 cats. All of the cats at Arsenault’s Happy Cat Sanctuary have been rescued from lives of abuse and neglect on the streets and from hoarding situations. At HCS they find safety, comfort and most importantly, love. 58-year-old Arsenault suffered a devastating loss in 2006 when his son … Read more

Shelter Cats Have A Festive Photo Shoot To Help Them Find Homes For The Holidays

The staff and volunteers at Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter know that the kitties in their care want just one thing this holiday season – loving homes. That’s why they dolled them up in their most festive feline finery for an adorable photo shoot. As if that weren’t enough, they are also offering FREE cat adoptions this month! Just yesterday, a precious big-eared tabby by the name of Bert became the one thousandth cat adopted from the shelter during … Read more

Woman Offers Blind, Feral Kittens A New Chance At Life

Nikki has been rescuing and fostering cats for a long time. She’s very active in a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program and has done so much to help cats in need find the love and care they deserve. But recently, she rescued a litter of kittens with special needs that need some extra TLC. One of these kittens, Stella, turned out to be a little extra-special. “I trapped Stella on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) job at the end of September along with her two siblings. … Read more

Preemie Kitten Catches Up To Siblings When He’s Given Love & Care

When Peanut was born, he arrived a week earlier than the rest of his littermates and things didn’t look promising. In fact, his mother abandoned him, likely thinking he wasn’t going to survive. But some good humans found Peanut and decided to try and help him fight to live. According to Love Meow, they did a really good job at keeping Peanut going.   Crys Malone, one of the human parents of Peanut, helped bottle feed him and keep him … Read more

Hero Doc Transforms This Pitiful Kitten Into A Carefree Cutie!

Dr. Matt Carriker is melting hearts yet again! Via his insanely popular YouTube channel, Vet Ranch, Dr. Matt documents his most dramatic rescue cases and spreads his mission to “save them all!” Recently a tiny ginger kitten arrived in desperate need of Vet Ranch’s help. He was undernourished, dehydrated, covered in fleas and suffering from a terrible infection in his eyes. The first step to helping the dangerously ill kitten – named Mr. Peepers because of his eye condition – was … Read more