Friend To Felines Sells Scrap Metal To Feed Stray Cats

Willie Ortiz is a champion for stray and feral cats where others turned a blind eye. Watching people ignore a starving kitten, Willie knew the homeless cats of Hartford, CT, needed a human on their side. “People were pushing it away, and I could see it needed help,” Willie said. Turns out, Willie was just that “someone” the cats needed. Kathleen Schlentz/GoFundMe Willie witnessed that incident more than twenty years ago. Since then, he’s barely missed a day or night … Read more

Over 20 Cats Abandoned in Foreclosed Home Get Chance at Happiness

A foreclosed house in Bristol, CT, harbored a terrible secret. When the owners left the house, they abandoned over twenty cats, leaving them to fend for themselves. Once the bank decreed the house be cleared out, the cats were discovered. Friends of the Bristol CT Animal Rescue/Facebook Notified of the disturbing situation, The Friends of the Bristol CT Animal Shelter swung into action to rectify the homeowners’ heartless act. Rescue staff and volunteers arrived in force with sacks of food … Read more

Caring Woman Shocked To Discover Rescued Kitten Is Actually A Wild Puma

Cats can sure mimic their wild, big cat cousins sometimes, stalking prey with the eye of a tiger or running down a toy like a cheetah. Kittens can be adorably wild too, just like little wildcat cubs. But a woman in Argentina recently learned her kitten actually was a wildcat. A puma jaguarundi to be exact. Argentina Animal Rescue Foundation/Facebook  On a beautiful day in the woods, Florencia Lobo and her brother discovered two kittens while fishing in the town … Read more

Floating Cat Sanctuary Will Sail Away With Your Heart

Cats and water don’t generally mix, but when coupling kitties in need and the grand views of Amsterdam’s Singel Canal, a purr-fect combo emerges. De Poezenboot, or The Catboat for American tongues, has been cruising Dutch canals since 1968. @DePoezenboot.Amsterdam/Instagram Founder Henriette van Weelde had the idea to give stray cats sanctuary and an amazing view when her house grew too full with rescue cats. Her efforts began when she found a family of homeless cats beneath a tree and … Read more

Cat Thrown From Bridge Lands Forever Home

Some souls commit cruelties without care, but others act only in kindness as a cat in Connecticut recently learned. Thanks to a young boy, animal services workers, and a couple with love in their heart, this ginger cat found himself saved from certain death. Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control/Facebook According to Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Control, an unidentified 10-year old boy proved to be one of the kind souls, reporting a horrific act of animal cruelty to police. The boy witnessed an … Read more

 ‘Cat’ Burglar Apprehended, Seeking Forever Home for Life

The night is dark and the lights are off. Tucked away in bed, you expect only to hear silence and the familiar sighs of your house settling. These are sounds you know, but imagine hearing a creak unfamiliar or a rustling by some force unknown. Not so long along ago, around the midnight hour, a family residing in Collier County, FL, experienced such terror. Hearing “disturbing noises,” the family called the Collier County Sheriff’s Department. Krista Williamson, a CCSO spokeswoman … Read more

Kitten Becomes Lap Cat for Life Thanks to Dedicated Foster Mom

Kittens love to cuddle. Security means everything to a tiny furball just finding its way in the world. Imagine being a kitten with no home, no steady food source, and no lap in which to snooze. Like many other kittens in the wild, Dudley knew only uncertainty before volunteers performed a trap-neuter-release operation in Orlando, FL, recently. Traps were set and baited with food, which made them irresistible to a kitten so hungry. Unlike his siblings, Dudley walked into the … Read more

Serenity the Dog Risked Her Life to Keep Kittens Warm on Snowy Night

Cats and dogs are known foes, but when temperatures drop and babies are in trouble, the rift between species matters little. The night was freezing, snowing falling down around the ears of any soul caught outside. It was not an evening to be outdoors, but when Serenity the dog sensed trouble in the cold, she braved the frigid temps anyhow. Pet and Wildlife Rescue/Facebook Out in the snow, Serenity found five kittens all alone, facing certain death without the help … Read more

Stray Dog Kept Five Kittens Warm On The Side Of The Road. Now She Needs A Home.

On a cold night in Ontario, Canada, cars drove down the road as usual. Unfortunately, many of them did not notice the dog laying on the side of the road. A sweet stray dog named Serenity was curled up on the snowy roadside on a cold night. Luckily, someone finally noticed her and decided to call for help. However, when they approached Serenity, they realized that she was not alone. This stray dog was curled up around 5 tiny kittens! … Read more

Grandpa Terry Naps For A Good Cause

Cats love naps. Lots of people love naps too. So, what happens when the two are joined? An absolutely adorable situation is what! Which is just what happened at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, a shelter for special needs and elderly cats in Green Bay, WI. While many a volunteer offers time and support to the shelter, one man comes every day to spend time with the cats. He arrives with a brush in hand and a yawn on his lips. … Read more