Blind Kitten Gets A New View On Life

Cat lovers will do just about anything to help a cat in need. Even if that cat is a wild kitten with his protective mother standing guard. One might as well be dealing with a tiger when it comes to feral cat mom. But, her sweet darling baby needed major help as both his eyes were covered in extremely thick scabbing. Beneath those scabs, infection surely festered. The poor little ginger was bumping and stumbling, unable to find his mother’s … Read more

Rescue’s Loving Arms Wash Away Kitten’s Storm Drain Fears

Anyone who has ever attempted to dislodge a cat from their hiding spot when he doesn’t want to come out knows the operation is one to test your patience and ingenuity. Rescue workers alerted to a kitten in a storm drain experienced just such an operation. Below ground, among the muck and trash, a kitten had gotten himself stuck in the drain pipes. Without help, he would have probably perished alone among the garbage. The kind hearts at Hope for … Read more

Bowie The Cat Captivates With Blue & Green Eyes

With an eye of blue and one of green, Bowie the cat is a handsome lad. His fair coat is patched russet and black on his face, throat, and legs. Black and grey stripes ring his tail. His photos are addictive, thanks to such a striking appearance. He’s simply living art with his dramatic features and over 32,000 Instagram users agree. Bowie the cat hails from Alicante, Spain. In 2018, Maria Lloret adopted the striped and white cat from a … Read more

Rare Calico Kitten Treasure Rescued From Dumpster

You know the strange feeling you get when you’re out in public and hear a cat meowing in a wrong place? But the meow is so unlikely where you are, you think your cat lover ears are playing tricks on you. Then, the cry rings out again. You weren’t hearing things and a cat is in need of rescue. This happened to a kindhearted woman and the kitten she named Martyr. Out and about, she heard the tiny cry of … Read more

Kitten With Delicate Heart Knows Love In Forever Home

A tiny, black kitten with a heart condition found a life he might never have known if not for the help of dedicated volunteers and rescue staff. Brought to a shelter in Quebec City, the little kitten was discovered to have a heart condition. The shelter wasn’t equipped to handle a cardiac case, but volunteers and staff wouldn’t be deterred from giving the sweet baby the care he needed. They contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal for help the with little cutie. … Read more

Freeze Cat Lover! Kitten “Pawfficer” Has You Under Arrest

The newest officer at the Bryant Police Department is reporting for duty and the little kitten is arrestingly adorable. On Friday, “Cad” the kitten received her badge, making her the newest officer in Bryant, Arkansas. Her pledge? To protect and serve and be super cute. As she needs her paws free for purrfect patrol work, “Officer Hastings and their company ARMA Tactical” created a special badge setup so the watchful cat can wear her shield on her collar. In a … Read more

Ilene The Blind Kitten Finds Forever Family

Ilene the kitten is blind. Whether she was born this way or lost her eyes to injury or infection will remain forever a mystery. But, regardless of her vision loss, Ilene is a spunky kitten, full of love and life. As a blind and abandoned kitten, she almost didn’t get the chance to know the comfort of loving arms and a forever home. Left in a trash pile and caught in a heavy rainstorm washing through Madera, California, the small … Read more

First Responders Give Cat Christmas Miracle

Even on Christmas Day, when the world slows to a near stop, rescue workers are still on the clock because emergencies happen even on the most reverent of days. A cat in Fort Collins, Colorado, learned this fact in the hardest and coldest way possible. When pretty much everything was still and silent on this recent Christmas Day, a cat had wandered out onto an icy lake and found itself stranded. To make matters worse, the scared and cold kitty … Read more

Girl’s Christmas List Asks For Donations Instead Of Toys

Landyn Wadsworth understands the true magic of Christmas, believing its in the giving, not the receiving. Not for the first time, the 8-year-old animal lover filled her Christmas list with requests for donations instead of toys. Landyn asked for food and supplies for the cats and dogs spending the holidays with the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington. As one of Santa’s best helpers, Landyn asks for donations in the form of cash, food, blankets, and other supplies instead of … Read more

Look At This Yoda-Eared Cat You Will

With Disney’s Star Wars hit The Mandalorian sweeping the nation, fans are obsessed with The Child. Or, as the internet knows him, ‘Baby Yoda’. Now, a cat with ears like America’s favorite green Force wielder has become a new fan favorite. And, she’s every bit as cute as the ‘Baby Yoda’ too. Thanks to her wide-set ears, the adorable feline has been dubbed Yoda Cat… Baby Yoda Cat/Facebook When the sweet tuxedo cat was brought to Cabarrus Animal Hospital in … Read more