Quiz: Which Cat Would You Be?

There are so many different types of cats, each with unique traits and things about their personalities that many know to be true. If you were a cat, which one do you think you would be? Take our fun ‘Which Cat Would You Be’ Quiz to find out the purrfect match for you!  

Quiz: Can You Unscramble The Names Of These Disney Cats?

Most cat lovers grew up watching Disney movies – and why not? Many of them feature a cat or two. Both animated and live-action Disney movies have featured cats from the first appearance of a cat in Pinocchio (1940) to the newest adaptation of Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016). How well do you know these fine film felines? Find out by taking our quiz below!

QUIZ: Do You Have The Inside Scoop On Your Cat’s Litter Box Habits?

Litter boxes are often smelly and unattractive; it’s no wonder most of us go out of our way to think about them as little as possible. For your cat, though, the litter box is a very big deal. Lots of factors– like the location of the litter box and how often you clean it– can help determine how comfortable and happy your cat is at home. Do you have the inside scoop on your cat’s litter box? Take this quiz … Read more

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Cat’s Litter Box?

Most cat parents want to think about the litter box as little as possible, but understanding your cat’s needs and habits will help you create the best home possible. Think you have the inside scoop? Take this quiz to test your litter box knowledge!

Quiz: Can You Guess The Big Cat?

Cats are beautiful creatures, whether it’s that domesticated kitty sitting comfortably in your living room or that beautiful lion stalking its prey in the wild. Sometimes it’s rather easy to identify a cat’s species, but there are other times where you may think you know the answer but don’t. Think you can match the big cats to their species in a cinch? Take our Big Cat quiz and find out how well you know your super-sized felines! And if you’d … Read more

Quiz: Can You Identify These Cat Breeds?

Are you a cat breed aficionado?  Can you spot a Bengal from a mile away? Do you get mad when someone mistakes a Norwegian Forest Cat for a Maine Coon? Then put your skills to the test with our cat breed identification quiz and share your score in the comments!

Quiz: Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?

Sure, you love cats… but are they your everything? Consider yourself a cat connoisseur and fancy yourself a feline…or two—okay, five? Well, then take our quiz to find out if you really are a crazy cat lady. In this day and age that isn’t such a bad thing–and if you ask me, it’s a badge of honor you should wear proudly!!

Quiz: Can You Match The Disney Cats To Their Movies?

Do you fancy yourself an aficionado of the Disney animated felines? Some of their movies have cats that are unforgettably recognizable (Alice In Wonderland), others you may not even remember there was a cat in the it at all (Pinnochio). Can you name the Disney film that has a small black and white kitten in it? If so, you may be ready to take our Disney Cat quiz. Share your score in the comments!

Quiz: Can You Match The Kitten To Its Breed?

Do you fancy yourself a cat breed savant? Do you laugh when someone calls a Persian a Maine Coon? While many cat breeds look exactly the same as kittens, some breeds are recognizable even when they are just adorable balls of fluff. Test your cat breed knowledge below!