Quiz: Which Cat Would You Be?

There are so many different types of cats, each with unique traits and things about their personalities that many know to be true. If you were a cat, which one do you think you would be? Take our fun ‘Which Cat Would You Be’ Quiz to find out the pu...

QUIZ: Test Your Cat Knowledge

Do you fancy yourself a ‘cat whisperer’? Are you just starting to learn what makes cats tick? Or are you somewhere in between? The reality might surprise you! Take this quiz to test your knowledge of our mysteriously aloof feline friends! ...

QUIZ: Are You Giving Your Cat The Best Home Possible?

We all want the best for our cats. For many of us, our cats are more than pets– they’re ...

New Quiz Helps You Decide What Sort Of Feline Would Make For Your Purrfect Companion

Lucky black cat, playful kitten or wise old moggy? A new online quiz developed by the UK’s larges...


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