NJ Town Displays Dog & Cat Sculptures To Raise Money For Pets In Need

This year marks Boonton, New Jersey’s seventh annual art celebration, Dog Days of Summer & Some Cool Cats. The cute and colorful presentation showcases local artists and features sculptural representations of our favorite furry friends. While some of the proceeds benefit local schools and future arts projects, the majority goes to nearby NorthStar Pet Rescue.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Michelle Mykowski (@michellem701) on Sep 18, 2018 at 12:07pm PDT So far, more than … Read more

5 Reasons PrettyLitter is the Best Cat Litter

When it comes to kitty litter, pet parents want a product that is easy to use, keeps things clean, and has solid odor control. If you are still using clumping store bought litter, it’s time to up your kitty litter game. PrettyLitter offers cats and their parents a brand new way to take care of kitty business with less mess, no odor, and ultimate convenience. On top of that, it helps pet parents keep tabs on their cat’s health. There … Read more

“Til Every Cage Is Empty,” Batman Saves the Lives of Shelter Pets!

Over the years a number of notable men have donned the iconic cowl and cape of the legendary dark hero, Batman. Adam West, Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, and many others have made their mark and given us their own take on the caped crusader. Even Batdad has carved a place in our hearts. But not a single one has been as truly heroic as the Batman we’ve come to love the most – the one who fights for pets! Batman … Read more

Your Cat Is Your Unique, Treat Him To A Food That’s Just As Special As He Is

Your cat is a hunter, chasing red dots. He’s a world-class napper. He pours himself into boxes and claws scratching posts. He’s totally one-of-a-kind and he does it all with a yawn and a flick of his tail. So cool. There is no other cat in the world like your cat. So it’s important to keep your kitty in tip-top shape as best you can, because he won’t be replaced. The road to health starts at his bowl – and … Read more

Mass Killing of Feral Cats Sparks Outrage in Australia and Beyond

WARNING: SOME IMAGES ARE DISTURBING!! Australia aims to cull the feral cat population, reducing it dramatically by 2 million cats by the year 2020. Announced in 2015, the ‘animal genocide’ recently began in full force and the methods being employed are, understandably, sending shockwaves through leagues of animal lovers around the world. Sausage Laced with 1080 Developed by David Algar, Ph.D., principal research scientist for the state of Western Australia, Eradicat is a sausage formulated specifically to be appealing to cats … Read more

Volunteers Wanted: Must Want To Drink Wine And Feed Shelter Cats

Love Cats. Drink Wine. What could be more relaxing than spending some quality with your cat? Maybe adding a glass of wine and feeding shelter cats. Great news! iHeartsCats is excited to announce our new partnership with Winc (pronounced wink). What’s Winc, you ask? It’s just quite possibly the best way to enjoy a glass of wine without ever having to leave home. Plus, with your Winc order 25 meals will be donated to shelter cats. Even better, Winc is … Read more

“The Godfather Of Cat Photography” Passes Away at 98

Photographer and avid cat lover Walter Chandoha, “The Godfather of Cat Photography,” has passed away at the age of 98. For over seventy years he graced the world with his work, which featured animals and plants, and especially cats. According to the New York Times, Chandoha was walking home in the winter of 1949 when he saw a small grey kitten shivering in the snow. He picked the cat up and put it into his jacket to take home to … Read more

Another Cat Has Been Diagnosed With The Plague–The Third In 6 Months

A house cat in Wyoming has been diagnosed with bubonic plague – and it’s not the first one. This is the third cat to have been infected with the disease within the past six months. Don’t let the words “bubonic plague” cause you to panic. When most of us hear the words we think of the pandemic from the late middle ages that wiped out a third of human life in Europe. You might be surprised to hear that the … Read more

Kitten Found Paralyzed & Barely Alive Gets A Second Chance, Thanks To Customers Like You!

Part of each sale through the iHeartCats store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  Noel was a feral kitten found outside on a cold December day, thin, paralyzed and freezing. A good Samaritan rescued and took him to a local animal neurology center. There, they gave Noel life-saving treatment. He spent months in his foster home going through physical therapy and medical treatment so that he would … Read more

Your Purchases Support The Charity That Helped Rescue Dozens Of Hoarded Cats After Hurricane Harvey

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible.  CATNIP Foundation received a call for assistance with cats abandoned at a flooded home in one of the hardest hit areas of Vidor, Texas following Hurricane Harvey. The scene was a breeder/hoarding situation with a large number of cats and kittens at risk. In the words of a rescuer: “The cats and kittens … Read more