RECALL ALERT: Go Raw Cat Food Tests Positive for Salmonella

Go Raw LLC, parent company of Steve’s Real Food, has issued a recall on its 2 lb. bags of “Quest Frozen Beef Diet” cat food. The recall came after a sample taken by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested positive for Salmonella, “an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems,” according to the FDA. Affected bags bear the UPC 6-91730-17101-8, Lot N128 and were distributed … Read more

Cat Dad Howard Stern and Wife Open Feline Adoption Center

Famed radio personality Howard Stern has developed a reputation as a shock-jock, a sometimes polarizing cultural commentator, and…cat lover? That’s right. Stern and his wife Beth made quite the show of support for cats recently when they played a big role in getting a special feline facility open at an animal shelter in New York. But feline love is nothing new to the Sterns. A Couple on a Mission Beth, an avowed life-long lover of animals of all kinds, is … Read more

D.C. Shelter Pets Need You During Sudden Evacuation

Recently, the Humane Rescue Alliance had a mite infestation at one of their locations. Because of this, they need to undergo critical maintenance right away. For this to be done, they need to evacuate 160 animals before this maintenance occurs. So, in order to speed up the adoption processes, the Humane Rescue Alliance has currently waived adoption fees at their New York Avenue location and their Northeast D.C. shelter.  As many animals as possible need to be adopted right away. … Read more

Ohio Family’s Missing Cat Is Found In Florida 5 Years Later

Back in 2014, Jericho Blue the Russian Blue cat was lost from his family in Ohio. Maureen Snowden said that Jericho was her son’s cat and she had been watching him while her son was away. Unfortunately, Jericho got out of the house while under her care, likely sneaking out when their dog went outside to use the bathroom. This event was devastating for both Snowden and her son, Zak, but luckily, good things come to those who wait. Jericho … Read more

Dietary Considerations for the 6 Stages of Your Cat’s Life

In order to ensure that your cat lives the longest, healthiest life possible it is important to understand the different life stages your cat will encounter. As a pet parent you will adjust your cat’s living environment, bedding, toys, and routines to meet dynamic needs. One of the most important considerations you will make in your life together is how you will meet your cat’s dietary requirements. Those will change at each stage based on activity level, metabolic rate, energy … Read more

Young At Heart Is A Shelter Designed Specifically For Senior Dogs And Cats

Usually, at animal rescues and shelters, senior dogs and cats are the ones that wait around the longest. Most families are looking for a young puppy or kitten to spend their life with, so the older animals often get overlooked. However, senior dogs and cats have so much love to give. They just need the right family to come by and appreciate them. So, Young at Heart Pet Rescue recently opened a Young at Heart Senior Pet Center in Woodstock, … Read more

Why Does My Kitty Eat Like a Little Piggy?

You fill the bowl. She scarfs it down. She looks at you with those eyes, imploring you to give her more. You’ve tried small portions more frequently throughout the day and big portions one or two times a day. You’ve given in, ignored, and put a pillow over your head to drown out the incessant “meow, meow, MEOW” coming from the kitchen. Why, you wonder, does your kitty eat like a little piggy? No matter how much or how often … Read more

Michigan Is Now A “No-Kill” Shelter State. Here’s What That Means.

Euthanasia in shelters is not something we really want to have to think about. Thankfully today we’ve got some positive news in that department! The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance recently announced that their state is now a “No-Kill” state for shelter animals. The MPFA defines “No-Kill” as a practice for animal shelters where euthanasia is only considered an “act of mercy,” “reserved only for cats and dogs that are too sick/injured to be treated or too aggressive to be suitably rehomed.” Posted … Read more

China Introduces Garlic 2.0, First Kitten Cloned for Grieving Owner

Many pet parents wish their dog or cat could live forever. However, Huang Yu believed that he had actually found a way to allow his cat to keep on living even after he passed away. Garlic was Yu’s British Shorthair cat. He was only 2 ½ years old when he passed away from an unnamed illness, so of course, Yu was devastated. He didn’t want to go on without his beloved cat, which is why he decided to make an … Read more

Enormous Tabby Crashes Shelter Website with His Cuteness

The Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia has an extremely large and popular cat in their care. Based on the response of potential adopters, he won’t be a resident at the refuge for very long. His name is Mr. B and he is 26 pounds of cuddly love. Not only is his large stature entirely appealing, he has the cutest puffy mouth that appears to be pursed lips and green eyes that seem very serious. In short, he is large, adorable, … Read more