Some Of Your Favorite Movie Scenes–Starring Cats!

Hilarious media moguls PistolShrimps have edited some of our favorite movie scenes to make them even more purrfect–they’ve added cats! The Norwegian group regularly publishes media with their own humorous twist. Plus, when it comes to adding cats to anything, how can they go wrong? A photo posted by @pistolshrimps on Apr 5, 2016 at 1:55pm PDT Check out their latest meow-tastic montage, featuring clips from movies like The Wolf Of Wallstreet, The Empire Strikes Back, A Beautiful Mind, and more: Furry … Read more

Lost Cat Found After Living In Pet Food Warehouse & He’s 2X His Size

Clive is a Norwegian Forest Cat who was recently reunited with his family after he left home over a year ago in October 2014. When posters and social media posts regarding the missing kitty brought no answers, Clive’s owners thought they’d never see their nine-month-old kitten again…until they received a phone call on February 2nd, 2016, that he had been found. Although it’s no surprise that the kitten would grow during that time, owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons–along with two-year-old daughter Elizabeth–didn’t expect him to double in size! … Read more

Kitten Saved From Conveyor Belt In Recycling Center Just In The Nick Of Time!

Tony Miranda, an employee at a Northern California recycling center spotted something wriggling among the trash he was sorting out. To his surprise, he found an adorable, pink-nosed kitten among the trash and debris being carried by the conveyor belt. The kitten was just moments away from falling into the trash compactor. Tony quickly grabbed the kitten, saving it from certain death. Employees have no idea how the kitten got there and how it survived the journey from the trash, … Read more

RIP Tama, The Cat Stationmaster Who Was Loved By An Entire Nation

The passing of any beloved pet is sad, but when that pet has also saved your livelihood and garnered the love of an entire nation, the loss is monumental. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tama, the beloved stationmaster cat of a Kishi station in western Japan. Tampa lost her life due to heart failure on June 22. She was 16 years old. Tama, a calico, had held the post since 2007. She wore a … Read more

She Abandoned 35 Kitties In The Woods; The Judge’s Sentence Was Anything But Ordinary!

While most judges stick to normal sentencing, there’s at least one judge who marches to the beat of his own drum. Typically sentences include anything from fines to classes to community service and sometimes even jail time. It’s more or less just the same ‘ol story for criminals… except for those that are sentenced in this imaginative judge’s courthouse! Judge Michael Cicconetti has been dishing out sentences for over 20 years and his punishments are anything but ordinary. He believes … Read more

This Cat Won’t Let Her Human Do Her Homework!

Cats can be incredibly clingy. We’ve featured a lot of videos showing you how cats can be so clingy that they distract you from what you’re doing. One of our favorites is Elvis the cat. We will never get tired of watching that video of Elvis demanding attention from his human. And here we have another video of a cat distracting her human. This cat won’t let her human do her homework! This cat grabs her pencil, distracting her from … Read more

Kittens Trapped Inside A Hot Tarred Roof Rescued By Amazing Heroes!

The brave men and women of any fire department typically respond to any animal rescue situations. It’s part of their duty and we’re so thankful for them! But I’m sure the Austin Fire Department were a bit taken aback when they got the call for this next rescue. This is not your typical cat-in-a-tree situation. A litter of kittens covered with tar were rescued from a hot roof. Austin fire fighters were shocked with what they saw because the kitten’s … Read more

Cat Reunited With Owner Thanks To Security Cameras

  When most people buy a security system for their home, they do so to watch for intruders. However, Dawn Beveridge-Garber used hers to find a missing family Member. On April 2, Kip, Beveridge-Garber’s 12 year-old-cat escaped out a window of his owner’s home. Being a declawed, indoor houscat with missing teeth, she was desperate to find him. She posted flyers offering a reward, engaged the support of family and neighbors to search for Kip and contacted local animal shelters, … Read more

Firefigher Saves Cat From Burning House And Doesn’t Stop There

After 49 years, a man stood and watched as the home he raised his family in went up in flames. On a bitter cold morning in Lexington Kentucky, Verdis Pennington, the homeowner, is just thankful that everyone got out safely. It was first reported that he, his wife and grandchildren all made it out without harm and at least 5 of his 10 dogs had been accounted for as well. One of his cats, Prissy, escaped the fire too and … Read more

This Cat Was Rescued After Being Frozen In A Block Of Snow And Ice

WOW! This cat survived unthinkable circumstances and he’s lived to “tell” the story! R.J Poulter was on Route 13 in Old Chatham, New York, when he saw a cat frozen in the snow on the side of the road. He assumed the cat was dead, due to the extremely cold weather, but as he moved closer he saw that the cat was actually breathing! He was literally frozen, completely covered in snow and ice! “It doesn’t take very long for … Read more