15 Cat Mom Gifts For Mother’s Day That She Will LOVE

Looking for the purrfect Mother’s Day present for the cat mom in your life? Look no further – we are sure she will love one of these amazing gifts. #1 – Personalized Cat Mom Necklace This adorable necklace features a cute kitty charm and another charm with the word “mom” on it. You can request that the kitty charm be stamped with an initial if you like. #2 – Crazy Cat Lady Apparel If the kitty mom you know is … Read more

Kitten Season – Expert Advice On How You Can Help

Watch this video from the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals New South Wales. Do you know how many cats can be produced in just two years if you start with two, unfixed cats? Find out in the video! Can you believe it – 20,000 cats in just two years! It’s that time of year again – Kitten Season! What is kitten season you ask? Well, it’s that time of year when shelters and rescues are flooded with … Read more

BREAKING ALERT: FDA Warns Of Illnesses And Deaths In Pets Exposed To Prescription Topical Pain Medications Containing Flurbiprofen

April 17, 2015 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is alerting pet owners, veterinarians, health care providers and pharmacists that pets are at risk of illness and death when exposed to topical pain medications containing the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) flurbiprofen. People using these medications, should use care when applying them in a household with pets, as even very small amounts could be dangerous to these animals. The FDA has received reports of cats in two households that became … Read more

Feral Vs. Stray Cats And What Your Responsibilities Are

When you see a loose cat outside, what is your first thought? Do you assume he is a stray or feral cat? Do you ignore him or just figure it’s a neighbor cat that will go home? The truth is, the feral and stray cat population will never dwindle unless people step up and take responsibility. Shawn Simone is the founder and current headmistress of Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a non-profit dedicated to “ending proliferation of homeless … Read more

A Cat Jumped In A Man’s Car – What Happened Next Changed Both Their Lives

Get ready for an incredible story. A stray black cat jumped into a man’s car in an attempt to stay warm. Reddit user Jonny explains, “This little guy climbed into my work van yesterday in downtown to stay warm. They chose you, right?” They sure do! This beautiful black had no plans of leaving Jonny’s side once he was in the van.  Jonny asked around the neighborhood to see if the cat belonged to anyone, but came up empty. “The … Read more

Cat Comes Back To Life After Being Buried For 5 Days

Bart blew minds and stumped us all after he came back to life 5 days after being buried Several days ago, this black and white feline was in an accident and run over by a car. Vets pronounced him dead shortly after. According to reports from Fox13, five days after being buried the cat’s owner found him walking around the neighbors yard looking for food..”This doesn’t happen. Cats don’t come back to life, not five days after they’ve been put in the ground,” said … Read more