NYC’s Cat Café Meow Parlour Now Offers Cat Yoga Classes

Why should dogs have all the fun? Doga has been around for a while now, and we were all wondering when the cats – one of the most limber creatures on Earth – would get their turn. The Meow Parlour, a cat café where you can sit, have a cup and pet a rescue kitty. It has resident adoptable cats through a partnership with KittyKind, a local non-profit, no-kill cat shelter. We’re excited to announce that our kitties are organizing … Read more

49 Cats Saved, Let’s Help Them Find Loving, Forever Homes!

There are 49 cats and kittens in West Virginia that are desperately in need of immediate rescue in West Virginia. Their caregiver is an elderly person who is being admitted to a nursing home next week. Without our help, these loving, well-socialized, and healthy cats will be euthanized by animal control. The good news: They have found no-kill shelters in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, and North Carolina to take most of them – 15 are still in need of a … Read more

Please SHARE – ASPCA Needs Homes For Dozens of Cats FREE Adoption Event

On June 30, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of 300 severely neglected animals from the Lawrence County Animal Shelter in Moulton, Alabama. The animals—including dogs and cats of all breeds and ages—were found living in filthy, deplorable conditions; many were starving and fighting to survive. The ASPCA removed the animals from the tragic scene and transported them to a temporary shelter, where they have spent the last few weeks receiving medical care, behavioral enrichment and the kindness they so desperately … Read more

Cat Fight: Two Women In California In Trial To Decide Who Is The Rightful Owner Of Cat

When the unthinkable happens and your cat mysteriously goes missing, it is every cat owner’s worst nightmare. We love our cats, and the thought of them out there on the streets scares us tremendously. For Tiffany Mestas of California, she’d kept David in her care since he was just a tiny kitten. From the time that she first had him in her home she grew to love him unconditionally, even bottle feeding him as a baby because he’d been separated from … Read more

#TrumpYourCat: Instagram Lights Up With Hilarious Cats Sporting Trump Hairstyles

Donald Trump isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He’s been in the spotlight for his highly right-wing political opinion and his obnoxious wealth. Regardless of your standing on Trump, there’s one thing we can all agree is a bit ridiculous – his hair. So cat owners all over have taken to Trumping their cats and you can find amazing photos of these kitties with their own toupee. Maybe they’re looking for their chance to take over the world in 2016! Whatever … Read more

RIP Tama, The Cat Stationmaster Who Was Loved By An Entire Nation

The passing of any beloved pet is sad, but when that pet has also saved your livelihood and garnered the love of an entire nation, the loss is monumental. It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Tama, the beloved stationmaster cat of a Kishi station in western Japan. Tampa lost her life due to heart failure on June 22. She was 16 years old. Tama, a calico, had held the post since 2007. She wore a … Read more

12 Gift Ideas For The Cat Daddy In Your Life

Father’s Day is just around the corner. What do you get the cat daddy who has everything? What about one of these amazing gifts – there’s something for every budget and taste on this list! #1 – Cool Cat Cellphone Holder This fun resin piece turns your cell phone into a work of art while showing off his love for kitties. It’s perfect for an office or even on his bedside table. Click page 2 below for the next gifts! … Read more

Humanely Managing Cat Populations – The Humane Society Of The United States Discusses

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the most effective and humane way to deal with all our stray cats. But, according to the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS), “there’s one method that’s shown positive results: TNR (trap-neuter-return). Cats are humanely trapped and if healthy, spay/neutered, rabies vaccinated, ear-tipped for identification and returned to their community. Evidence proves that this method stabilizes cat numbers that eventually dwindle to zero as the cats naturally pass away. “ Nancy … Read more

6-Year-Old Becomes Hero To Tiny Kitten When No One Else Can

We really admire firefighters who do everything they can to rescue an animal. We appreciate their valiant efforts for rescuing the poor defenseless animals. These guys are definitely heroes! However, in the video below, it wasn’t a fireman who became the hero of the story. An unlikely hero emerged when firefighters couldn’t rescue kitten stuck in a storm drain. In Lancaster Pennsylvania, firefighters were doing everything they could to rescue the poor kitty in the storm drain. But they realize … Read more

15 Earth Friendly Cat Products

In honor of Earth Day, here are 15 cat products that are as good for the Earth as they are for your cat. Do you have a favorite eco-friendly product we missed? Mention it in the comments! #1 – Colorado Kitty Pot Don’t worry, it’s just catnip! Harley’s Hope Foundation sells this “special” catnip that is grown naturally in compost without the use of sprays or herbicides. The proceeds go to support the rescue’s Pet Assistance Program. #2 – Catit … Read more