The Most Popular Pet Product Ever On Kickstarter Is…A Litter Box!

There are a lot of pet products and charities on crowdfunding sites. Go Fund Me alone has over 17,000. But there is one product that has blown them all out of the water in terms of reaching (and exceeding) their goal. And it’s a litter box. Yup, cat owners must really be tired of the boxes currently on the market, because Luuup Litter Box has become the most successful pet product on Kickstarter, raising over $534,000 (US$375,000) and counting – more than 10-times its … Read more

Lost Cat Found After Living In Pet Food Warehouse & He’s 2X His Size

Clive is a Norwegian Forest Cat who was recently reunited with his family after he left home over a year ago in October 2014. When posters and social media posts regarding the missing kitty brought no answers, Clive’s owners thought they’d never see their nine-month-old kitten again…until they received a phone call on February 2nd, 2016, that he had been found. Although it’s no surprise that the kitten would grow during that time, owners Tanya and Jonathan Irons–along with two-year-old daughter Elizabeth–didn’t expect him to double in size! … Read more

This Film Starring Rescued Animals Won Big At The 2016 Catdance Film Festival

The Catdance Film Festival roared back for its 4th year of creative cat cinema on January 23rd, with even more original films starring shelter cats! The festival, which was presented by Fresh Step with the power of Febreze, was hosted by New Girl actress and fellow cat lover Hannah Simone. “I love the funny and sweet moments I have with my cats, Jake and Frank, so I was honored to celebrate these moments at the Catdance Film Festival,” said Simone. … Read more

Kitty Goes In Search Of Cat Dad When He Deploys; 4 Years Later They’re Reunited Again

Four years and 2,000 miles had separated Hemi the cat and his family, but that didn’t stop him from wandering back into their lives last week. Hemi had been a part of the Connell family since 2009, when they found him as a kitten. They weren’t planning to keep him, but they quickly fell in love. So when he went missing in 2011, they were devastated. (All images: WNCT-TV 9 via YouTube) Robert Connell, a former Marine, was deployed in … Read more

U.S. Postal Stamps Will Feature Cats In 2016

If you’re in the habit of paying your bills on the internet you may want to revert back to snail mail, because the U.S. Postal Service has just announced some exciting news. Later this year, they’ll be rolling out a book of stamps that features two lovely kitties! Image: USPS The booklet will be a collection of 20 stamps featuring pets that are popular in the United States. According to the USPS website, the new stamps were designed “to celebrate … Read more

Woman Who Stole A Hairless Cat Came Forward When Security Video Was Shared Online

In Quebec, a woman was caught on camera stealing a cat from a pet store. The woman stole a Sphynx cat that is worth over $700. She thought she got away from her crime, but it turns out, her thievery was caught by the store’s security camera. But instead of going to the police, the store owner posted the footage of the security cam on the internet. The pet store, Animalerie Bill et Bull, posted on Facebook that the woman … Read more

A Cat Helped Save A Man From Suicide In A Very Unusual Way

A lot of pet owners turn to their pets when they feel lonely and depressed. Our pets help us cope with anxiety and depression. And in their own little ways, the pets we rescue, save us in return. However this cat, saved his owner from suicide in a very unusual and unorthodox way. The police used this kitty to save his owner from jumping from a window of a three-story building! Never underestimate the power of a owner’s love for … Read more

This Amazing Cat Mom Fights For Her Cat’s Life Everyday–Just Beautiful!!

When Alina Esther was a little girl, all she ever dreamed of was owning a cat. “I wanted it so much that I came up with the name of my cat several years before she was even born,” Esther told “When I was about 10, my grandmother gave me a photo album, the cover of which was an amazing cat with ‘hanging’ ears.” Esther knew right then that her cat would be named Melissa, and she would have folded … Read more

9 Perfectly Imperfect Kitties Need Forever Homes

In honor of Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week (September 20-26), we are featuring 9 purrfectly imperfect cats from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, Best Friends LA, and Best Friends NY. All of these cats may have their imperfections, but we are sure they have a perfect family waiting for them! Best Friends adopts nationwide, so please contact the corresponding rescue if you are interested. Cant’ adopt? SHARE this post to help these 9 cats find homes! Best Friends … Read more

New Cat Boarding Site Saves Rescue Cats While Giving You Piece of Mind

When Sonya Petcavich’s 17-year-old ragdoll, Miss Lily, passed away last winter, she was devastated. “Miss Lily was the best childhood cat and companion anyone could have ever asked for, and you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone,” Petcavich says. She wanted a way to fill the kitty void without the commitment of a full-time animal. That was when Meowtel was born. The site began with the hope of providing cat owners with a resource to find kitty care … Read more