Thought Lost In Australian Fires, Family Cat Returns Home

The Australian fires are still raging, with fears blazes will continue until spring. With so many animals tragically lost in one of the country’s most intense wave of wildfires in recorded history, hearing of animals surviving the flames gives us hope. Angel the cat’s story is one such tale of survival and hope. In New South Wales, Ben Symonds and his family were forced to leave their property when bushfires raged through their area. The family’s cats, both accustomed to … Read more

Taylor Swift Feels “Just Purrfect” About Golden Globe Nod

It’s never a surprise when Taylor Swift is nominated for an award, but her current nomination for the 2020 awards season is delighting cat lovers everywhere. The Golden Globes has announced Swift’s “Beautiful Ghost” for Cats is up for best original song nomination in the upcoming 2020 ceremonies. Swift collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the nominated song and, together, the pair captured the magical and melancholy glory of the production. @taylorswift13/Twitter Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the hit Broadway musical … Read more

China Introduces Garlic 2.0, First Kitten Cloned for Grieving Owner

Many pet parents wish their dog or cat could live forever. However, Huang Yu believed that he had actually found a way to allow his cat to keep on living even after he passed away. Garlic was Yu’s British Shorthair cat. He was only 2 ½ years old when he passed away from an unnamed illness, so of course, Yu was devastated. He didn’t want to go on without his beloved cat, which is why he decided to make an … Read more

Shelter Comes Up With Purrfect Solution For Senior Cat Who Loves Being Held

Dougie is a 15-year-old ginger cat who LOVES to be held. According to a post on the Facebook page of Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland: “When he’s not being held, Dougie’s meow can be heard from galaxies far away.” The shelter needed to think creatively to allow Dougie to be held while the staff still got work done around the shelter. According to the Facebook post: “We thought creatively and decided a baby bjorn allowed Robert [Weimer] to both hold … Read more

Clear the Shelters: 5th Annual Nationwide Adoption Event this Saturday

This Saturday, August 17 is a huge day for shelter animals coast to coast. For the 5th year running, Clear the Shelters will take place at over 1400 shelters and rescue organizations. For those in need of being adopted, this Saturday could be their big break! For 250,000 lucky pets, that is exactly what has happened since the first Clear the Shelters in 2015. What is Clear the Shelters? Organizations participating in the event offer special incentives, such as waived … Read more

Shelter Overrun With Cats Gets Help From The Local Police Department

The community of Muncie, Indiana is making headlines after the local police department made a unique offer to the public. As a result, a slew of shelter cats and kittens received much needed food and supplies. See, the Muncie Police Department caught wind of a problem at a local shelter, Muncie Animal Care and Services. The shelter had been overrun with cats and kittens, currently housing and caring for around 350 of them. They were having a hard time finding … Read more

The Right Weight Loss Diet for Your Cat

Depending on the size and breed of a cat, each one has a specific weight requirement that is best for a long, healthy life. For pet parents with overweight or obese cats, finding the right diet is paramount. We have partnered with NomNomNow, who have provided us with some helpful information about reaching and maintaining your cat’s weight goals. What Causes Obesity In Cats? Even a regular feeding schedule can result in an overweight cat. Things such as treats and an … Read more

Mass Killing of Feral Cats Sparks Outrage in Australia and Beyond

WARNING: SOME IMAGES ARE DISTURBING!! Australia aims to cull the feral cat population, reducing it dramatically by 2 million cats by the year 2020. Announced in 2015, the ‘animal genocide’ recently began in full force and the methods being employed are, understandably, sending shockwaves through leagues of animal lovers around the world. Sausage Laced with 1080 Developed by David Algar, Ph.D., principal research scientist for the state of Western Australia, Eradicat is a sausage formulated specifically to be appealing to cats … Read more

Potentially Deadly & Highly Contagious “Cat Plague” Is Spreading Across Australia

Feline Panleukopenia (FP), otherwise known as the “cat plague,” is causing problems in Australia. This is 40 years after the virus was thought to have died off in the country, since a vaccine was developed in the 1970s. The virus has re-emerged in the last couple of years and has the potential to spread quickly since cats may take up to 2 days to show any symptoms. This means that cats can spread the virus while still appearing perfectly healthy. The … Read more

Belgium Becomes First Country To Require Most Cats To Be Spayed Or Neutered

Thanks to a new law, Belgium will require almost all of their 2 million cats to be spayed or neutered by the year 2020. This is an effort to curb the country’s growing population of stray cats. While some cities, states, or provinces have implemented similar laws, Belgium is the first country to require it  nationwide. In a country of just over 11 million people as of 2016, people abandon nearly 30,000 cats every year. Half of these euthanizations are due … Read more