Kitten Killer Sentenced To One Year Behind Bars

People really can do the worst things. And sometimes the people who commit atrocities get what they deserve. At least in part. A convicted animal abuser is spending a year behind bars after he killed one kitten and injured another. An arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Gibbs of Fort Wayne, IN, after it was suspected he killed his roommate’s kitten and injured the other. Garan Galbreath reported being unable to find his two cats, 2-month-old April and 4-month-old Mei, … Read more

Woody The Kitten Receives Top Survivor Award After Horrific Attack

Last summer, Woody the cat was the victim of a gruesome attack. His family thought the tuxedo kitten wouldn’t survive. But Woody proved himself to be a warrior, overcoming the cruelty and pain inflicted by a monster. It was a summer evening near Battle, East Sussex, the windows open to let a fresh breeze into the Wood home. But there was an air of worry in the UK household. Woody, the family’s 5-month-old kitten, hadn’t returned from a trip outside. … Read more

Thought Lost In Australian Fires, Family Cat Returns Home

The Australian fires are still raging, with fears blazes will continue until spring. With so many animals tragically lost in one of the country’s most intense wave of wildfires in recorded history, hearing of animals surviving the flames gives us hope. Angel the cat’s story is one such tale of survival and hope. In New South Wales, Ben Symonds and his family were forced to leave their property when bushfires raged through their area. The family’s cats, both accustomed to … Read more

Taylor Swift Feels “Just Purrfect” About Golden Globe Nod

It’s never a surprise when Taylor Swift is nominated for an award, but her current nomination for the 2020 awards season is delighting cat lovers everywhere. The Golden Globes has announced Swift’s “Beautiful Ghost” for Cats is up for best original song nomination in the upcoming 2020 ceremonies. Swift collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber on the nominated song and, together, the pair captured the magical and melancholy glory of the production. @taylorswift13/Twitter Andrew Lloyd Webber composed the hit Broadway musical … Read more

Cans of Special Kitty® Wet Cat Food Voluntarily Recalled Over Possible Health Concerns

The J. M. Smucker Company has issued a voluntary recall on certain lots of Special Kitty® wet cat food. Ingredients used in certain batches of Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner Pate do not meet the Smucker Company’s rigorous safety and quality standards. No food-borne pathogens have been discovered at this time. Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner Pate is sold in individual cans and as part of variety packs. Please find affected lots listed below: Individual Special Kitty® Mixed Grill Dinner … Read more

UPDATE: Justice Served? Cat Lover Sentenced to Jail for Feeding Strays

UPDATE Nancy Segula has avoided jail time for feeding stray cats at her home in Garfield, Ohio. Garfield Heights Municipal Court Judge Jennifer Weiler vacated the ten-day jail sentence handed down to Segula only weeks before. Still, she had stern warnings for the nearly 80-year-old woman when it came to the cats. She explained the health risks of the situation as well as the expense, telling Segula, “This is not a wealthy city and they have had to spend a … Read more

Great News for Those with Cat Allergies, “HypoCat” Vaccine Could Quiet Your Sneezing

Do you love cats, but petting or cuddling them makes you sneezy? Your eyes get itchy? Maybe the throat gets scratchy and your heart breaks because you just want to hug allover felines. Well, your feline allergy woes may be near an end. An Injection Could Change Everything One in ten people suffer from cat allergies and that’s one in ten too many. Soon, a simple vaccination could bring the suffering to an end. Ten years in the making, “HypoCat” … Read more

RECALL ALERT: Go Raw Cat Food Tests Positive for Salmonella

Go Raw LLC, parent company of Steve’s Real Food, has issued a recall on its 2 lb. bags of “Quest Frozen Beef Diet” cat food. The recall came after a sample taken by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested positive for Salmonella, “an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems,” according to the FDA. Affected bags bear the UPC 6-91730-17101-8, Lot N128 and were distributed … Read more

Cat Dad Howard Stern and Wife Open Feline Adoption Center

Famed radio personality Howard Stern has developed a reputation as a shock-jock, a sometimes polarizing cultural commentator, and…cat lover? That’s right. Stern and his wife Beth made quite the show of support for cats recently when they played a big role in getting a special feline facility open at an animal shelter in New York. But feline love is nothing new to the Sterns. A Couple on a Mission Beth, an avowed life-long lover of animals of all kinds, is … Read more

D.C. Shelter Pets Need You During Sudden Evacuation

Recently, the Humane Rescue Alliance had a mite infestation at one of their locations. Because of this, they need to undergo critical maintenance right away. For this to be done, they need to evacuate 160 animals before this maintenance occurs. So, in order to speed up the adoption processes, the Humane Rescue Alliance has currently waived adoption fees at their New York Avenue location and their Northeast D.C. shelter.  As many animals as possible need to be adopted right away. … Read more