Amazing Rescuer Saves Three Cat Families By Meowing To Them

Mona Boucher has a knack for rescuing cats, but she does it in a way we’ve never quite seen before! After a feral cat population got out of hand at a fish farm, Boucher and other rescuers at DrNworb’s KitsCats were called in to save them. When they arrived, they found 3 nursing mothers and 20 kittens of various ages. Catching them all was certain to be a difficult task, but Boucher sang the song of meows and the kittens came running. … Read more

Special Message On Lost Cat’s Collar Saves His Life

While out for a run, a Texas woman recently came across a cat wandering around. He was an orange tabby wearing a collar and seemed quite friendly. Any other day, she would have just kept running by, but something in her gut feeling said to check on this little kitty. Thankfully she listened, because she surely saved his life. She was recently browsing Reddit and reading a thread that mentioned, “If you have an indoor cat, put ‘Name (Indoor cat)’ … Read more

Two Kittens Born Without Eyelids Are In Search Of A Forever Home

When a couple rescued two kittens in New South Wales, Australia, they were certain the two kitties were different. There was something very strange about their eyes and when they took the kittens to the local RSPCA, their thoughts were confirmed. These two kittens were born without eyelids. A very rare condition, they would be completely blind within the year without corrective surgery. To make sure this didn’t happen, Patrick Jones of RSPCA worked with a dedicated veterinary team at … Read more

11 Powerful Before & After Photos That Prove Rescue Saves Lives

Being involved in animal rescue, regardless of species, takes a lot of work. The time, dedication, space and money involved all take a toll on those working hard to save lives and keep animals safe. It often seems like an unforgiving job, but the rewards are truly overwhelming. Just when you feel like you’ve been buried with one sad, cruel case after another, you are reminded why you rescue. You are reminded because you look at all of the success … Read more

Lucky Stray Kitten Recovers From Accident As Adorable Tiny Purrito

A tiny kitten in Florida got a very lucky second chance after being found lifeless on the side of the road. He had been hit by a car and the situation was looking very grim when a good samaritan contacted the local rescue, Caring Fields Felines. The rescue immediately rushed him to an animal hospital where x-rays were taken to see the extent of the damage. The poor kitten had a broken neck and needed to be placed in a total … Read more

Success Story: She Was Given a 10% Chance of Surviving… But She Did!

Your purchases from matter! Here’s just another example of how together we’re making a difference! Miss Button was brought into Hands Helping Paws (HHP) rescue after a local animal welfare shelter realized further help was required. This poor girl needed immediate medical care due to what was believed to be a dog attack. She had severe puncture wounds on her back, stomach, and back end. Thanks to Rescue Bank donations, and financial support from iHeartCats customers, HHP was able to … Read more

Success Story: From High Kill Shelter to Forever Home

Your purchases from matter! Here’s just another example of how together we’re making a difference! Serena was relinquished to a high kill shelter with a group of feral barn cats. Shortly after being placed there, it was found she had a very bad eye making her time there limited. Thankfully, Second Chance Pets rescued Serena and took her into their care. Rescue volunteers discovered this poor girl had been shot several times and still had pellets stuck in her … Read more

Success Story: Cat with Special Needs Gets a Very Special Home

Your purchases on iHeartCats are making a huge difference! Here’s another success story. Bonk was taken into Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue (SIHAR) as a newborn. It was discovered that his mother was unable, or refused, to feed him which resulted in a neurological disorder. Bonk developed Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka Wobbles Syndrome) that affects his motor skills. He needed to be bottle fed, and learn how to cope with his disability. Thanks to generous food donations from Rescue Bank, cats under … Read more