Maine Coon Helps Owner Become The First Deaf Person To Sail Across The Southern Atlantic Ocean

Skatty is a special cat. Skatty is a polydactyl Maine Coon, which means he has extra toes on his feet. According to seafaring lore, these polydactyl cats are good luck to sailors. They believe that the extra toes make them more efficient at catching vermin and offer additional stability in rocky waters. Skatty, of course, is determined to prove this legend true. According to The Animal Rescue Site, Skatty accompanies his owner, Paul. J. Thompson, aboard La Chica, the 32-foot craft … Read more

Herbie The Rescue Cat Returns The Favor By Saving Baby’s Life

It was just a regular evening when Janine DeMartini went to bed for the night. The Staten Island, NY woman is a single mother and was exhausted after another day of work, school and childrearing. Her daughter Isabella slept in her room while DeMartini was out for the night in her own. Lounging around the house was Herbie, their foster kitty from Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue. Herbie was lucky to have such a great foster family, but DeMartini had no intention … Read more

College Campus Decides To Embrace Feral Cats & The Results Are Inspiring

Like many college campuses across the country, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln had a feral cat problem. In 2008, a band of faculty and staff created the volunteer group, Husker Cats – named for UNL’s mascot, the Cornhusker. The project has managed to reduce the on campus feral population from over 100 cats down to less than 70 through humane Trap/Neuter/Release and foster/adoption programs.   Instead of rounding up the cats and attempting to make them someone else’s problem, UNL embraced … Read more

Amazing Rescuer Saves Three Cat Families By Meowing To Them

Mona Boucher has a knack for rescuing cats, but she does it in a way we’ve never quite seen before! After a feral cat population got out of hand at a fish farm, Boucher and other rescuers at DrNworb’s KitsCats were called in to save them. When they arrived, they found 3 nursing mothers and 20 kittens of various ages. Catching them all was certain to be a difficult task, but Boucher sang the song of meows and the kittens came running. … Read more

Paralyzed Rescue Cat Becomes Source Of Comfort For Patients At Animal Hospital

At first glance, a black cat named Lucifer may not seem like a loving companion. Fortunately, first impressions can be deceiving. Lucifer is indeed a black cat (and a beautiful one at that), but he’s a very special feline with a very important job. He’s a rescue cat himself that found a forever home at an animal hospital in Perm, Russia. Наш Люцик великий мыслитель! В его глазах кажется столько мыслей и умозаключений, что он легко мог бы стать котом … Read more

Awesome Website Live Streams Animal Shelters To Help Pets Find Homes

Let’s face it, most of our time on the internet is spent watching videos of animals. Thankfully, AnimalsLife.Net had the brilliant idea to take this passion and put it to good use towards animal welfare. What this amazing website does is incredible – they play live stream videos from animal shelters 24/7, across various countries. Per AnimalsLife.Net, they are an “online portal for people, who want to make the life of animals better and happier. The live streaming project aims … Read more

Special Message On Lost Cat’s Collar Saves His Life

While out for a run, a Texas woman recently came across a cat wandering around. He was an orange tabby wearing a collar and seemed quite friendly. Any other day, she would have just kept running by, but something in her gut feeling said to check on this little kitty. Thankfully she listened, because she surely saved his life. She was recently browsing Reddit and reading a thread that mentioned, “If you have an indoor cat, put ‘Name (Indoor cat)’ … Read more

Two Kittens Born Without Eyelids Are In Search Of A Forever Home

When a couple rescued two kittens in New South Wales, Australia, they were certain the two kitties were different. There was something very strange about their eyes and when they took the kittens to the local RSPCA, their thoughts were confirmed. These two kittens were born without eyelids. A very rare condition, they would be completely blind within the year without corrective surgery. To make sure this didn’t happen, Patrick Jones of RSPCA worked with a dedicated veterinary team at … Read more

11 Powerful Before & After Photos That Prove Rescue Saves Lives

Being involved in animal rescue, regardless of species, takes a lot of work. The time, dedication, space and money involved all take a toll on those working hard to save lives and keep animals safe. It often seems like an unforgiving job, but the rewards are truly overwhelming. Just when you feel like you’ve been buried with one sad, cruel case after another, you are reminded why you rescue. You are reminded because you look at all of the success … Read more

Tomcat Chooses VA Hospital As Home & Comforts Veterans In Need

Salem VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia has a very special resident in their hospital. His name is Tom, and he’s a tomcat that’s established himself as the facility’s feline therapist. The veteran’s hospital not only provides rehabilitation, hospice/palliative care and long-term skilled nursing, but an empathetic service animal as well. He arrived after some hospital staff read a book called Making Rounds with Oscar by Dr. David Dosa, a physician who treated patients with medicine and with his therapy … Read more