5 Amazing Before & After Photos of Rescued Cats

While the lives of many stray animals are fully unknown, we can often tell they’ve seen some hard times. Many are barely alive, very sick or injured and need a lot of love and attention before they’re ever able to be adopted out. Fortunately, the majority of these pets find perfect new homes. Here are some amazing photographs of rescued cats when they were first taken in to where they are today. #1 – Kodama Before: After:   Kodama was … Read more

Dog’s Love Letter To Cat Goes Viral

Every love story is beautiful, but THIS ONE is my favorite! That’s sort of how that saying goes, right? Well it does now and I think you’ll agree with me when you see why! This truly is a love story like no other and it’s GONE VIRAL thanks to Reddit user Garret_N. It goes a little something like this… There once was a dog that would sit in his window and stare at his neighbor’s cat. Every day he would … Read more

8 Benefits Of Adopting An Older Cat

While many people are looking for an adorable kitten, they may not realize the time and patience involved in raising one properly. Not only do kittens take a lot of time and energy, they can be a little too demanding for busy or first-time owners. It’s recommended for many people to consider adopting an older cat and there are a number of benefits in doing so. Find out what they are below! #1 – Lower Maintenance As already mentioned, older … Read more

7 Supplements That Can Benefit Your Cat’s Health

We all try to keep our cats as healthy as possible and many are looking for natural ways to improve overall health and longevity. There are a number of supplements that can safely benefit your cat’s well-being, though you should always check with your veterinarian before starting or changing any supplements. #1 – Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3 fatty acids, like fish oil, are an excellent way to improve skin and coat condition. They are also natural anti-inflammatories that can help … Read more

15 Crazy Cats Napping In Crazier Places

Cats are the kings and queens of naps. Seriously, these 15 crazy kitties prove that cats are able to fall asleep just about anywhere and in any position. #1 – In the jungle The mighty jungle, the kitty sleeps tonight. Let’s hope a strong wind doesn’t come along. #2 – Sandwhiched You have to wonder how this kitty got between the sofa and its cushion in the first place. Hope nobody sits on the couch. #3 – Sleeping Dangerously Seems like a … Read more

You’ve Never Seen A Cat Like This Before–Meet Atchoum!

Source: Facebook This interesting cat is certainly one for the record books. Atchoum, which translates to “sneezy” in French, is a peculiar little kitten living in Quebec, Canada that is steadily gaining popularity on the internet. This crazily adorable kitty looks like he’s got a permanent case of bed head, but this is due to the fact that he suffers from a medial condition known as hypertrichosis. As a result, poor Atchoum lives with excessive hair growth all over his body. … Read more

10 Things Only Cat People Understand

There are some people out there who don’t like cats. It’s hard to comprehend, because they’re so different than us, but it’s a truth that can’t be avoided. These folks just can’t fathom why we live the way we do. There are just some things only cat lovers understand. Here are 10 of them! #1 – Loving Cats More Than People It’s no secret that many of us would prefer to snuggle with our cat at night instead of going … Read more

8 Cats Who Are Totally Over Winter

Winter is pretty harsh in most areas of the world and your cat probably doesn’t like it any more than you do. While playing in the fresh spring grass is a nice change afterwards, the cold, wet snow is far less pleasant. Here are 8 cats who are completely over this winter. #1 This cat who wanted to sunbathe outside only to find no sun and definitely no warmth and comfort. #2 This cat who thinks it’s just way too … Read more

10 Things That Might Be On Your Cat’s Bucket List

After Lauren Fern Watt created and carried out a bucket list for her dog Gizelle after finding out she had terminal cancer, we wondered what a cat’s bucket list would look like. Here are 10 things that might be on your cat’s bucket list. #1 – Finally Find Out Where the Red Dot Comes From After years of chasing, your cat just wants to know where it comes from! It’s that too much to ask? #2 – Join the League of … Read more

9 Cats You Need to Follow on Instagram

If you aren’t using Instagram already, you need to start right now. These cats are so cool they have more followers than most people and it’s no wonder why! Be sure to check them out and add them to your list to look at daily. #1 – Snoopy   Snoopy is an adorable little Exotic Shorthair living in China. Don’t hesitate to take a look at Snoopy’s cuteness under the username snoopybabe. Click page 2 below for the next cat. … Read more