This Sanctuary Is Dedicated To “Odd” Cats Because All Cats Are Special

Imagine a world where cats aren’t discarded for any reason, where people give them the same consideration they would give a person, and “broken” means “beautiful.” This is the world that Odd Cat Sanctuary hopes to create! Odd Cat Sanctuary began as a small rescue by cat enthusiast and vet tech Tara. She hoped to build a haven for cats no one wanted, and to be an advocate for the ones who were old, sick, or otherwise considered “unadoptable.” Although … Read more

This Cat May Be A Disney Princess In Disguise… Just Wait Until You See Why!

We all consider our cats to be royalty – and they deserve to be treated as such – but this particular kitty may actually be a princess! …or, perhaps a prince. Sochi, the Siberian Forest Cat, is a  kitty who was welcomed into his family during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But it wasn’t until later that his human, Imgur user ctrlaltme, discovered something magical about the furry feline. Although his luscious blonde fur could rival Rapunzel’s shiny braid… …his … Read more

Stray Ginger Kitten Adopts Unsuspecting Human Who Quickly Falls In Love With Her

Cats are quite opinionated and selective when it comes to humans, but once they deem you worthy, you have a friend for life. A little orphaned kitten took an immediate liking to Imgur user, Potato Wasteland (PW) as he headed to his car on a frigid evening. According to PW, the tiny orange floof scampered right up to him as if he were a long-lost friend. Unwilling to leave her out in the cold, he scooped her up and brought her … Read more

Man Wakes Up To A Rare Sight – 7 Lynx Kittens & Their Mama Playing On His Deck!

Alaska resident Tim Newton has woken up to strange sounds on his deck before. He lives on a mountainside next to a national park, so he’s no stranger to wildlife traipsing into his backyard. But a couple weeks ago, the photographer heard something he hadn’t before… and peaked out the window to see seven playful lynx kittens, followed by their mom!   “They woke me from my slumber at local dawn, scrambling back and forth across my deck, just outside … Read more

Selfie-Loving Kitten Sneaks Into Police Station And Steals Hearts

A few days ago, a white and black 4- or 5-month-old kitten snuck into the Columbia Police Department station in South Carolina and stole some hearts. The police department posted these pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Meow wait just a minute… this furry feline stopped by #CPDWestRegion to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also #catsrule.” The kitten was later taken to a vet, where he was found to be a male without … Read more

Couple Rescues Cat Who “Walked Into Their Lives,” Then Learn She’s Been Hiding A Secret

Cat lovers know that kitties are often the ones to decide where they’re going to live, not the other way around. So when one couple agreed to take in a new feline friend who had chosen them, they had no idea that they were about to get more than they bargained for!   The Imgur user explained that the tabby just “walked into their lives out of the blue.” He and his wife named her Whiskey and decided that she … Read more

Cat Mom Builds A “Kitty Playhouse” So Her Felines Can Enjoy The Outdoors In Safety

When Bernie, who lives in Fallon, Nevada, realized that her cats were in danger by roaming outside, she was determined to solve the problem. The cat mom knew that coyotes, cruel humans, and even her neighbor’s unleashed dogs were constant threats to her beloved pets’ safety. So “out of desperation,” as she explains, Bernie came up with a genius solution: she built a huge “Kitty Playhouse” that her pets could access any time of the day or night!   Using … Read more

Postal Museum Is Seeking ‘Cat-pplicants’ For A Dozen Feline Positions

Do you have a motivated meower at home, or maybe your kitty just needs to start earning his keep? Well, the Postal Museum is calling for a dozen “Post Office Cats” – and they’ll be hiring one feline a month through September 2018! We should say up front that this gig isn’t paid. However, it does come with plenty of other perks: your kitty can work from home, he’ll get a fashionable hat, and lots of adoring social media fans. … Read more

This Cat’s Amazing Markings Make Him Twice As Cute

Cat lovers appreciate felines in all their unique glory, so it’s not surprise that we have an affinity for kitties with remarkable markings. That’s why, when Twitter user @tatuya01 posted a photo of a cat with an intriguing patch of fur, it went viral! The kitty below seems to have a permanent shadow on his back, or maybe it’s his tabby-colored twin! Take a look: — ねこやん (@tatuya01) August 29, 2017 According to People Pets, some commenters even compared the … Read more

Kitten Sneaks In Through Open Window, Decides To Adopt The Man Who Lives There

It was just an ordinary day when Imgur user Nigeltown came home to find an uninvited guest sitting in his favorite chair. He certainly never expected that leaving his window open could result in such a bold act of breaking-and-entering. Nigeltown took out his cellphone to capture photographic evidence of the crime as the brazen intruder stared back at him fearlessly.   “I came home from work to find…this little floof just chillin’ in my house. He must have come in … Read more