Adventurous Dog & Cat Love Exploring The Outdoors Together

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend love hiking in the Colorado wilderness, and back in 2014, they added a four-legged friend to the family. A brown and white puppy captured the heart of Bennett at an adoption event, even though she had her sights set on getting a Golden Retriever mix. But when the 3 1/2 month old mutt trotted over to her, she knew he was meant to be theirs. “He just curled up into my lap and went belly … Read more

Ginger Foster Kitten Can’t Get Enough Of His Snuggly Stuffed Donuts

Love donuts? Love kittens? You’re in the right place. Stanley is a ginger kitten we was fostered by a cat lover named Sheila in Portland, Oregon. Soon after he was born, Sheila realized that the furry baby had an affinity for all things donut! After presenting him with his first small donut bed, Stanley snuggled his tiny body in it and never wanted to leave. Even after he outgrew it, the kitten wouldn’t stray far from his donut pal… so … Read more

Cutest Little “Catman” Is Helping Save Philly’s Stray Cats

5-year-old Shon Griffin might be the cutest super hero you have ever seen. He loves dressing up in hero costumes to help his aunts, Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik, take care of homeless cats with their feline foster and rescue charity, Kolony Kats. Superman Shon giving Stray Kitty Crew Emerald chin scratches! They both seem to be enjoying it! 😻😻 A post shared by Kolony Kats (@kolonykats) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT Shon has been helping his aunts since he was … Read more

Watchful Tuxedo Cat Sits On His Stoop And Guards The Neighborhood

Imgur user ktlljhnsn – also known as Katie – spent three years attempting to win over a very important member of her community. He is the self-appointed head of the local Neighborhood Watch and he takes his job very seriously. His name is Minkus, and each day he perches his massive black and white body atop his owners’ stoop, surveying the world around him.   Katie began referring to her neighbors’ cat as Minkus before she learned the “lackluster” monicker given … Read more

Couple’s Cat Accompanies Bride Down The Aisle On Their Wedding Day

Newlyweds Michael and Courtney Jimenez consider their tuxedo cat, Angel, part of the family. So, it’s no wonder that they couldn’t imagine tying the knot without their furry “son” on their wedding day! “We have two babies, Michael Jr. and our cat, Angel,” Michael Jimenez said in a story by “We knew we wanted our cat to be a part of our special day, so Courtney’s dad held him while she walked down the aisle.”   Luckily, they had … Read more

Man Can’t Own A Cat, But He Takes Pictures With Every Kitty He Meets

When you love cats as much as this guy does, you don’t let something as trivial as your living situation keep them out of your life. Nick Canning lives in a small apartment in Philadelphia, and while he has always wanted a cat, his current living situation means he can’t have one. He’s intent on saving up for a bigger space, but for now, he takes every chance he gets to show off his love for the feline species. View … Read more

13 Clever “Cat-O-Lanterns” To Light Up Your Halloween

Pumpkin carving is a fun, traditional fall festivity, and some cat lovers enjoy mixing this pastime with their love of the feline kind! This Halloween, there’s no better way to announce your affinity for kitties than by lighting up your home with some cleverly-carved cat pumpkins. (If your neighbors didn’t know you were a “cat person” before, they will now!) In need of inspiration? Scroll on! From simple silhouettes to intricate works of art, check out the 13 “cat-o-lanterns” below: … Read more

Adventurous Man Trains Kitten To Be The Purrfect Outdoor Companion

JJ Yosh, an adventure filmmaker, travel vlogger, and social media influencer, adopted Simon from a neighbor when he was still a kitten and immediately started training him to join him on his adventures. Now, they travel together hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, and just about any other outdoor activity you can think of. Yosh told PEOPLE:  “I started training Simon from the day I got him. He was a couple weeks old when I first got him. He was born in … Read more

Neighbor’s Cat Knocks On Window When She Visits Every Day

For more than a year, Imgur user, Antoine2449 has been photographing the neighbor’s cat when she arrives for her daily visits. It all began when the kitty named Mama showed up on the back porch. Antoine2449 opened the door and showered her with ear scratches and kitty treats. Ever since, Mama has not let a day go by without visiting her surrogate family.   If they aren’t outside when she arrives, she will peer through the windows until she spots them, then … Read more

Black Cat Photo Series Helps “Less Adoptable” Kitties Find Forever Homes

Casey Christopher does outstanding work photographing shelter animals, particularly, those considered “unadoptable.” We love her work so much, we’ve shared it several times before! Casey told us about this series which focuses on black cats, and we were eager to show you, too! Based on statics, black cats are considered “less adoptable” than others, so Casey wanted to give them some attention. It’s hard to say why these cats are less desirable than others; it could be old-fashioned superstition, or … Read more