16 Cats Who Can’t Handle Their Catnip

Remember that one show about the truth behind the rise and fall of Hollywood celebrities? Well, there’s an episode you never saw. Pressure from the high-profile cat celebrity pushed the episode deep underground, but now the tale has been leaked. Catnip: The Rise & Fall of Garfield is the tale of a beloved cartoon cat with a dark secret. He hated Mondays and loved lasagna. These extremes have finally been explained and the truth is shocking. Garfield was a catnip … Read more

Japanese Business Employs Rescue Cats To Reduce Stress

Stress sucks, but cats have the power to bring us back from the edge of stressed-out breakdowns. One company in Japan understands this simple fact and has employed cats to help employees keep calm on the job. Japan has become known for its obsessive work culture, even terming death caused by work as karoshi. These “deaths by overwork” are caused by high-stress attacks like cardiac events and strokes. And as “one in ten Japanese workers clock over 100 hours of … Read more

Belarus The Cross-Eyed Cat Is A Boy With Heart

Cross-eyed kitties are super cute with their derpy expressions, but typically, it’s a Siamese cat or other eastern breeds with the crossed eyes. Not Belarus though. He’s a Nebelung boy with round yellow eyes that stare toward themselves rather than out that world. And the furry grey cat of silver smoke is all the more handsome for his eye condition. Belarus the cat has a condition called strabismus, meaning he has an “abnormality in the muscles behind the eye, or … Read more

Beefy Cat Boy Seeks Overflowing Food Bowl & Forever Home

Meet Wilford. He’s a good-looking cat boy. His whiskers are long, his fur is fluffy, and his belly is impossibly round. Weighing in at 28 lbs. of grey cat, every inch of Wilford is adorable. And while Wilford is almost too much cuteness in one kitty body, his obesity is not healthy. His foster parents, also known as the custodians for the Playschool for Wayward Kittens, are working hard to get his weight under control. They’re also getting him ready … Read more

Shadow and Smoke, Amazing Narnia Is Living Art

Chimera cats are magical felines with faces painted in dueling shades from which we can’t turn away. French feline Narnia is a chimera cat who lives up to his fantastical name with his smoke and shadow face. From the moment he was born, the sweet black and grey cat was meant for greatness. Already mesmerizing to those around him, Narnia became famous worldwide after professional animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat shared photos of the striking British shorthair. Its easy to see … Read more

Handsome Cats & Their Famous Men

A good cat picture can make us take a break from whatever we’re doing and have a look. Who doesn’t love a photo of a kitty cat being adorably fluffy and whiskery? Now, add a handsome man to that cat photo and, well, we’re smashing that like button. Take a break and have a look this compilation of cute cats and the hot men holding them. You’ll enjoy celebrities who love their fur babies, some nice photo shoots of celebs … Read more

About Maine Coon Cats: Gentle Giants, Rulers Of Hearts

The snow falls gently on a field of white and from the trees wanders a magnificent creature. A cat so large your eyes can’t be seeing the feline right. But no, the cat is that large and padding easily through the wet blanket of slush on paws like snowshoes. The falling flakes bother the cat little, his thick fur flowing as the snow melts away. You’re spotted by the awe-inspiring cat, wondering if a small grey tiger with fluffy fur … Read more

Breaking Mews: History’s Finest Artworks Inspired By Fat Cat

Oh, how cats inspire us. From print to paint, cats have been muses for humans since the dawn of their cohabitation. Zarathustra the Cat is no exception, inspiring his mom to uncover the original versions of some well-known artwork. From some of humans’ first expressions of art to the pop phenomena of our time, Svetlana shows the world the beauty of art when a cat provides the creative revelation. @FatCatArt/Instagram Zarathustra and Svetlana met in 2008 after the death of … Read more

Sneaky Kitty Pretends To Be A Stray So Unsuspecting Shoppers Will Give Her Snacks

Fact: cats are clever creatures. Other fact: they don’t always use their cleverness for good! This smart kitty has figured out that stray cats get more treats than she was getting at home, so she started passing herself off as homeless at her local co-op! Well-meaning strangers, thinking she was lonely and hungry, have been feeding her treats from their grocery baskets and encouraging her to sneak out of her home for more!   Minnie is a 4-year-old tabby who … Read more

Rescue Tabby Carries On 80+ Year Tradition Of Being This Hotel’s Resident Cat

The staff at the Algonquin Hotel in New York have a special tradition: since the 1930’s, they’ve always had a resident cat living in the hotel! The first feline to call the place home was a stray orange tabby who let himself into the lobby. Though originally named Rusty, actor John Barrymore, who stayed the hotel, decided to bestow the dignified name of Hamlet on the kitty, instead! Since then, all the male cats who’ve lived in the hotel have … Read more