Super Cute TINY Kitten Snuggled into a Pocket!

In case we haven’t shared any seriously heart-melting videos lately, this one might do the trick. This super teeny tiny kitten is barely awake and snuggled in to a POCKET! I’m so in love with this little guy, I wish I could reach through the screen and cuddle him back! ♥ He’s SO cute! See for yourself… SHARE this snuggly kitten! SHARE this snuggly kitten!

This Cat REALLY Missed Her Dad When He Was Gone For 3 Days

It’s hard leaving our pets when we go, but seeing their sweet faces when we come home is one of the best things ever! Whether we’re seeing them after a week-long vacation or a day at work, our furry friends make us feel so important and loved. Watch how this adorable tuxedo kitty welcomes her dad home after a 3 day trip with open paws. By the way she runs down the stairs to greet him, we bet she missed him a lot! Watch how … Read more

Precious Kittens On a Slide!

If you need to make your Monday a little bit brighter, we have just the video for you! It has plenty of kittens, of course! In this fabulous video compilation, these cuties are hanging out and playing on slides! It’s a sight that MUST be seen… And we guarantee you’ll be smiling in no time! (You can thank us later! 😉 ) SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

ADORABLE Little Chick Burrows Under Cat’s Head For Comfort!

Be still my heart! This is ADORABLE! This little chick is named Sidney. All Sidney wants is someone to cuddle! Thankfully, Oscar the cat is here to save the day! And he doesn’t seem to mind snuggling the little cutie! Check them out! SHARE this with someone who could use a smile! SHARE this with someone who could use a smile!

Funny Cat Eats Cheese & Ice Cream With Paw!

I’ve never seen a cat do this before, have you? This funny little guy really likes cheese and ice cream! Now please be aware that cats ARE lactose intolerant. So although this is adorable to watch, we don’t recommend doing this with your cat. (Only in moderation, if at all, like they did in this video.) Regardless, we LOVE how paws-on he is! Super cute! SHARE THIS! SHARE THIS!

Anakin, The Incredible Two Legged Kitten!

Wow! I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing when this little guy walked out of his crate. Anakin was born without back legs or pelvis, but don’t feel bad for him! He is LOVING life just as he is! Thank goodness for this wonderful family for taking him in!! Check it out! SHARE this amazing kitten! SHARE this amazing kitten!

Cute Cat Interrupts Guitar Playing Session!

This cat either really doesn’t like metal music or he just really doesn’t care for anything that doesn’t involve head scratches and belly rubs. Our guess is that it’s the latter!! Leave it to a cat to be obnoxiously persistent! But we all knew that. Let’s be honest, we kind of love it too. Check this cutie out! SHARE this persistent cat with a friend! SHARE this persistent cat with a friend!

Hilarious Cat LOVES to Brush His Teeth!

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day! A cat, with excellent dental hygiene? Yep! Say hello to Poppy, the funny cat who LOVES to brush his teeth. He even has his own toothbrush! (Thankfully!) Does your cat enjoy his teeth being brushed or maybe a different quirky guilty pleasure? Tell us in the comments below! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!