Little Kittens Who Love Their Big Doggy Friends!

This will just warm your heart! (Especially if you love cats and dogs, like I do!) We have a great compilation video of this year’s BEST little kitten & big dog videos from around the web! I love when a little kitten makes best friends with a BIG pooch. Don’t underestimate their tiny stature, these munchkins are some tough cookies!

10 Must-Have Products for Kittens

Bringing your kitten home? Make sure you have these ten products on hand to make your life easier when the little bundle of fur enters your home. #1 -Litter But not just any litter. Cats, even little kittens, can be picky about litter. Set her up for success by buying the same litter the kitten was using before she went home with you. If you want to change it later, you can do so by gradually mixing the two together … Read more

10 Places In The World That Absolutely LOVE Cats

If you want to take a vacation where your crazy cat personality will be truly appreciated, try one of these 10 places that shares in your passion for all things feline. #1 – Japan It’s no secret the Japanese loves cats. From   “the good luck cat,” to a Hello Kitty theme park, this is the country to visit for cat lovers. Missing your cat back home? Never fear, just stop into a “Cat Café” where you can snuggle up with … Read more

10 Steps To Follow If Your Cat Goes Missing

What you do in the first 24 hours after realizing your cat has gone missing can make all the difference in whether you find her again. Follow these steps to help bring her home safely. #1 -Walk the Neighborhood   It could be that your kitty just took a short stroll, so walk (don’t drive) around your neighborhood. Be sure to bring a nice tasty and smelly treat to get her to come.  Pay special attention to other house with … Read more

10 Ways To Help Shelter Cats

Regardless of how much time or money you have, there is something you can do on this list to help shelter cats everywhere. #1 -Volunteer Whether it’s a few times a year or a few times a week, the kitties appreciate and time you spend with them, and so does the human staff. There are many jobs you can do, depending on your talents: kennel cleaning, paperwork, creating adoption photos or videos, giving attention, helping potential adopters, etc. (Image Source: … Read more

10 People Foods We Can Share With Our Cats

We often see cats getting canned tuna and fresh milk in movies and on TV – yet in real life these can have ill effects on our feline friends. In fact, we’re always being warned about how dangerous certain foods are for our cats. But we love our kitties, and we love to share with them. Luckily, there are a number of “people” foods we can share with our cats safely. Wondering what they are? Find out below! #1 – Bananas … Read more

10 Things Your Cat Probably Shouldn’t Play With

Keep your kitty safe by making sure they are not playing with any of the following common household items. #1 – Yarn Kittens and yarn have been paired together since who knows when. But yarn is a dangerous play to for your cat. They can ingest it, causing blockage and they can choke as they try to swallow an endless string.   #2 – Electrical Cords We have all seen Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation, enough said. Don’t let your kitty … Read more

These 6 Cats Hold Amazing World Records

Cats are amazing – that’s why we love them! But sometimes we might forget how cool these little animals are. Or maybe we’re just trying to convince a non-enthusiast to share our love for felines. While world records might sound like something for only people to handle, cats have mastered the art of being unique as well. Even if you don’t like cats, you can’t deny that the awesome feats below are impressive! #1 – Longest Domestic Cat Tail Stewie, formally … Read more

This Kitten’s Reaction to a Carpet is PRICELESS!

Life is a learning experience, and this kitten hasn’t quite learned about his own shadow OR busy patterned carpets! We’re not sure if this little one is fearful of his own shadow or if he’s not sure which patterns to “attack” first! This cutie’s reaction is priceless. ♥ Check it out!

10 Must-Have Products for Senior Cats

As your cat ages, her needs change. Having these products will help your kitty enjoy her golden years more. #1 – Ramps For Cat Trees As your kitty ages, jumping up on cat trees, couches, window sills, etc., because harder and even impossible. However, this does not mean your cat does not want to hang out in high places. Help them out by buying tress with ramps, and/or adding ramps to existing furniture. (Image Source: @DrsFostersandSmith) Click page 2 below … Read more