Cats Chasing Laser Pointers… Too Good!

There’s one toy that ALWAYS gets my cat going. And it’s the laser pointer! No matter what, he’s always up for a good run-around with the laser! (My dogs even join in!) That’s why this next video is a favorite of mine. It’s a compilation of MANY cats chasing that darn light that they just can’t seem to catch! 😉 Check out some of the crazy things they do trying to get it! Does your cat enjoy chasing the laser … Read more

Dear Kitten… Lessons From the Older, Wiser Cat.

Dear Kitten, you have now co-starred in an incredible ad that Purina created. Good news, it’s pretty wonderful! It’s so wonderful that everyone is sharing it – you’ve gone viral! Dear Kitten, we think you’ll do just fine in this new home. Just beware of the “vacoom.” Fans… This is all too perfect, making it a MUST SEE. Go watch it right now! 🙂 What did you think? I think more companies should make commercials like THIS!

This Cat Is Incredibly Talented At Jenga!

Oh, the many hidden talents of cats! There’s far more to those furry little butt-heads than being uninterested and indifferent all the time. Well, at least for this cat anyway. He’s a wizard at playing Jenga! You’ve got to see this one… What do you think? Could your cat do that? My favorite part is his little hissy-fit at the end, where he knocks the pieces off the top!

Wait For It! …Cat Licking FAIL!

Alright, so I totally saw this coming. Yet, when it finally does happen I couldn’t help but giggle!! The cat’s expression? Priceless!!! He was like, “Where’d ya go?!” haha! I can’t get over his reaction. It’s definitely the best part and worth watching for! Did you expect that to happen? What about that reaction? Pretty adorable and funny, right?!

Couch Potato Cat Watches TV While Sitting Like a Human!

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday! Not only is this cat ACTUALLY watching TV, but he’s doing so while sitting like a human!!! My mind is blown. I didn’t know cats could do either! You’ve gotta see him in action, it’s pretty funny. Short but sweet, so enjoy! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

Cute Baby Feeds His Adorable Kitty

Awww! A blossoming friendship! This cute kiddo is learning how to love his new kitten, and it appears he’s a fast learner! Watch as he feeds his new buddy. ♥ It’ll melt your heart! SHARE this cute friendship! SHARE this cute friendship!

Kitten Discovers His Reflection And His Reaction is Crazy CUTE!

This little cutie has stumbled upon his reflection in a large mirror and is wildly entertained. His reaction is super adorable, as he acts all crazy and watches himself do so. And now WE are wildly entertained but this sweet little guy! This video will make you smile, I promise! SHARE this with someone who could use a smile! SHARE this with someone who could use a smile!  

Cats IN Bags… A Purrrrfect Combination!

We’ve all heard the saying, “The cat is out of the bag” but in this next video, that cats are actually IN the bag. Yep! Cats in bags… it’s incredibly adorable, actually! Whether these two cuties are playing in the bags or cuddling up to sleep in the bags, I’m just totally in love! I guess you should always check your luggage or purse before leaving the house, eh? 🙂 SHARE These Silly Cats! SHARE These Silly Cats!

A Kitten And A Swiffer… Cuteness Ensues!

This ADORABLE little kitten is after the Swiffer mop. In my house, any kind of broom, mop, vacuum… you name it, my cat (and dogs) chase after it. But they don’t chase it quite as adorably as this kitten does! You’ve really got to watch this cutie. Fair warning, it is SUPER adorable! ♥ We’re not sure why this little guy hasn’t gone viral yet! SHARE this cutie! SHARE this cutie!