The Way This Cat Asks For Kisses & Cuddles Is Completely Irresistible!

Do you love to kiss and cuddle with your cat? Well, this cat wants some love, and he has an irresistibly adorable way of asking for kisses and cuddles! This Abyssinian cat demands some attention and some love from his human, and he’s making sure that he’s gonna get it! His owner said that he loves attention and he loves people. However, he doesn’t like to share attention with other cats! Watch the video below, and see how he asks … Read more

Watch As These Cats Unapologetically Knock Stuff Over

Let’s face it, cats do what they want! So if you want to leave your glass of water on the table, your cat may have other plans… Like knocking it on the floor. Or how about your keys on the nightstand? Nope! That is going on the floor, too. Here’s a GREAT compilation video of cats doing what they’re best at, knocking stuff over! 🙂

Have you ever seen a cat sleep like this? LOL!

We all know cats sleep in strange and hilarious positions. But have you ever seen a cat sleep like this? This cat sleeps like a human! Except that he has his paws up, of course! I think this cat somehow knew someone was taking a video of him cos he woke up in the middle of his sleep. Then he tries to go back to sleep, and woke up again. I bet this cat is saying, “You have disturbed my … Read more

10 Houseplants That Are Poisonous to Cats

Plants are great to have in your house – they clean the air, are a natural decoration, and can add pleasant scents to the house. However, they can also be deadly if you have cat. When choosing an indoor plant, stay away from the ones on this list, that, according to the ASPCA®, can by harmful or fatal or your kitty. (Source: #1 – Aloe Often grown in the house to use on burns and minor cuts, it is … Read more

I Was On The Edge of My Seat Watching This Mama Cat Save Her Baby!

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. A mother would do everything to protect her baby and keep him/her from harm. You’ll see that kind of protective love when you watch this video. A baby kitty is stuck in a tree. The worried mother thought she has to do something to save her precious baby. So she climbs and up and try to rescue her! Watch the video and see this protective mama cat save her baby! Mama is a hero! … Read more

Sweet Little Kitten is Falling Asleep While Playing!

Say hello to Rocky! Isn’t he adorable?! Being a kitten is a tiring job. Especially when you’re playing all the time. And as Rocky is quickly learning, sometimes playing can be pretty tiring too! And then you have to decide… do I play? Or do I sleep? Gosh, this whole being a kitten thing is pretty hard! POST-CAPTION HERE

8 “Super-Hero” Cat Breeds!

Move over Spiderman, step back Captain America! These kitties have natural superhero qualities, no gamma radiation required. Whether they use these powers for good or evil, well that’s up to the cat. #1 – Ragdoll If there was such a thing as a radio-active possum bite, this cat got it. Originally, when picked up, they would go limp (hence the name “ragdoll”), lulling you into believing they are no threat. Though most of the modern ragdolls have lost this power, … Read more

Not All Cats Hate Water. Here’s the Hilarious Proof!

Does your cat love or hate water? Some say cats and water don’t mix. Apparently, some cats actually love water! Just like the ones in this video. But some of them really hate getting in the water, and they’re really freaked out when they’re soaked! My favorite is the cat relaxing in her own private tub. How about you? Feel free to leave a comment!

So You Wanna See What My Cat Does When He Sneaks off To The Bathroom?

No question about it. Cats love bathrooms! Why? Coz it’s like a place full of fun things to do! It’s like having your very own gym, equipped with facilities for you to enjoy! There’s a lot of activities your cats can do; and with your cat’s imagination, the possibilities are endless! So, what kind activities and exercises does your cat enjoy in the bathroom? Share it with us by leaving a comment below!!