These Cats Winked, and Their Owners Caught It On Camera. So Cute!

Have you ever caught your cat winking? - Source "Hello there, baby!" - Source "You're looking beautiful today!" - Source I think she's winking because of that dropper you got there! - Source LOL! What a face! - Source "Oh, hi there!" - Source What a charming cat! - Source So adorable! - Source Love that wink, and the facial expression too! - Source Awwww...such a cutie! - Source Precious and oh so cute! - Source Have a great day, ... Read more

Catshark vs. Tiny Duck, WHO WILL WIN!?

Catshark rides his Roomba around all day, just waiting for Tiny Duck. Then, the epic battle begins. Who will win this match up? Grab some popcorn, turn the speakers up, and get ready for one hysterically “dramatic” battle! (Also, Dogshark makes an appearance but let’s be honest… Catshark steals the show!) SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!

Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack… Amazing!

Cats may act like they don’t care from time to time, but this is PROOF that they reallydo! Not only do they care, this one is willing to put his life at risk to save a little boy from a vicious dog attack. So that saying age old saying about dogs being man’s best friend? I think it’s actually about CATS! Thanks to this brave cat, this boy walked away with minimal injury. (It could have been MUCH worse.) SHARE … Read more

This Cat Demands A Hug Every Morning And Its Completely Irresistible

Our cats may sometimes act like they don’t need us – but we know they want love as well. This cat has decided to just ask for it – literally. Every morning this owner gets a que to dish out some love. What a sweet little baby! Never in my life have a seen a cat do something like this. Have you? Don’t you just want to send a hug back to this baby? Share this video to send this … Read more

1 Cute Kitten Vs. 2 Very Scary Things!! Who Will Win?!

We don’t typically enjoy scary videos over here, they tend to ruin the mood. But this “scary” video has us going against our norm. It’s extra scary, with some extra cute! This kitten has found two very scary objects and now they are going head-to-head in this cute… I mean, SCARY video. Be sure to have your speakers on, it helps add to the overall feel of this video! SHARE the “scare!” SHARE the “scare!”

10 Months Later And This Cat is Still a Bit Crazy!

Months ago we shared a spastic kitty with you, who was playing with a mouse robot. 10 months later, there’s a new video of this spastic cat playing just as crazily as before! We think she’s got some adorable moves. Who cares if they’re a bit out of the ordinary?! She’s having a blast. 🙂 In case you forgot the original video, be sure to watch this one through to the end. Share this cutie with a friend!   Share … Read more

Wow! Heart-Stopping Cat Parkour! Impressive, Mr. Kitteh.

Alright, seriously my heart skipped a beat watching this. But after watching this, something tells me this particular cat doesn’t need nine lives, because he’s one highly skilled feline who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! In case you don’t know what parkour is, it’s a mixture of free running and using objects in a (typically) urban setting to get from point a to point be in the quickest and most efficient way possible. I’m sure you get extra brownie points … Read more

A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Gifts For Your Cat!

You can spend all the money in the world on your cat and chances are, they’ll find a bag or box somewhere that they find far more interesting! We’re not saying don’t buy them things, we promise – we love spoiling our babies. But we ARE suggesting you rethink your big purchases, because they may just like the box it comes in wayyy better! Take for instance this cutie-pie. He doesn’t need anything fancy! He’s a little Ninja in his … Read more

Super Cute Kitten Fails That You’ve Gotta See!

Marmalade and Cole are quite the cute pair! This video focuses more on Marmalade making some interesting choices, that result in some kitten fails! Also known as, Marm-a-fails! His goofy behavior is one that will have you smiling immediately, and he has us coming back for more! He’s a hoot to watch! I promise you, you’ll be smiling by the end of this video. Don’t believe us? Go see for yourself! Share the Marm-a-FAIL Love!! Share the Marm-a-FAIL Love!!  

Cat REALLY Loves Water, But From Alternative Sources!

Say hello to Joey! He’s a waterholic. Not to worry, he’s not dehydrated, he just really loves his water! But drinking it from a plain ‘ol dish won’t do. Nah, that get’s boring! This guy likes to drink his water from alternative sources. The sink, the tub, the watering can, and my favorite… a spray bottle. Seriously, who knew watching a cat drink water could be so entertaining! See for yourself! I bet you’ll be smiling in no time. SHARE … Read more