Cat Cuddles His Horse Bestie… Too Precious!

We love unique friendships! And this video shows a very unique friendship between a cat and a horse. They’re snuggly, cuddly, and the best of buddies! They are SO adorable. Do you think your cat would ever befriend a horse? You can’t help who you love and this video is proof of that!

The 5 Smallest Cat Breeds In Existence

Some cats are smaller than others, but have you ever wondered how tiny cats can be? Although there are people breeding for miniature sizes, there are some breeds that have just managed to stay small. If you’re looking for a compact feline to join your family, take a look at our list below! #1 – American Curl These unique felines sport ears that are curled backwards! Originating in Southern California, these kitties weigh roughly 5-10 pounds. Click page 2 below … Read more

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier in the Cutest Way!

Behold… a cat that really DOES care about his owner! ♥ Take that, dog lovers! Dogs aren’t the only ones who have great welcoming skills! This cutie could hardly contain his excitement for when his solider daddy came home. This is totally awesome! How does your cat respond when you get home?

Bathroom? Or Home Gym? You Decide!

Where we see a bathroom, a cat see’s a WORLD of opportunity! In fact, this particular cat sees the bathroom as home gym. Did we mention it has an exclusive membership? Yep! Pretty special stuff, especially for a tiny kitten like Marmalade in this next video. He gives us a tour of the place and explains why cats love bathrooms so much! (Hint: They’re just REALLY fun for cats!!!) Tell us which was your favorite aspect of the “gym” below … Read more

Hilarious Kitten Will Try Anything To Get The Sleepy Dog To Play

This kitten is persistent! If he wants to play, then by golly, he’s going to play! Kitty decides that his fellow housemate is the perfect thing to play with, but the Doberman isn’t interested in playing. (Shoutout to the Doberman for being so patient!) But the kitty doesn’t let that stop him from trying! I love this video, it totally had me giggling! Adorable, right?! These two are so precious. That kitten’s moves are just too funny! Do you have a … Read more

10 Ingredients You Never Want To See In Your Cat’s Food

Our cats are important to us, and we want to make sure we keep them as healthy as possible. With so many foods to choose from, it can give you a headache trying to decide which one is the best for your feline friend! While there are many great foods out there and each cat is an individual with their own needs, there are some base ingredients you definitely want to avoid. Some may sound like they’re nutritious – but … Read more

“Nom” Is ACTUALLY A Word! And These Cats LOVE To Say It

Phrases like “OmNomNom” and “NomNom” have been used on these here interwebs for a while now, when referencing someone’s hunger. But no one REALLY says these things in real life, right? WRONG! I have an entire video of various cats “NomNomNomming” as they enjoy their food and I have to say, it’s rather endearing! Check them out! Does your cat say “nom” while eating?

See The Heartwarming Moment a Tornado Survivor Is Reunited with Her Lost Cat

Twin tornados ripped through Stanton Nebraska earlier this month and devastated the area. Incredibly, this woman and all of the children at her own daycare survived this terrible act of mother nature. Even more incredibly, as she’s being filmed for a news cast another survivor emerges from the rubble… ABC US News | ABC Sports News Talk about perfect timing! What an amazing ending to such a heartbreaking story. Items can be replaced, but people and our lovable animals cannot! … Read more

Cats Chasing Laser Pointers… Too Good!

There’s one toy that ALWAYS gets my cat going. And it’s the laser pointer! No matter what, he’s always up for a good run-around with the laser! (My dogs even join in!) That’s why this next video is a favorite of mine. It’s a compilation of MANY cats chasing that darn light that they just can’t seem to catch! 😉 Check out some of the crazy things they do trying to get it! Does your cat enjoy chasing the laser … Read more