Man Helps Stray Cat Get A Drink Of Water

A video that’s circulating Reddit is touching hearts and proving that small gestures can still make a difference! The short clip below is explained simply by its title: “helping a stray cat drink from a water fountain.”   Helping a stray cat drink from a water fountain from HumansBeingBros Many commenters on the post speculate that the video was taken at a washing station outside a mosque, possibly in Turkey. Others chimed in saying that locals hold cats in high … Read more

Cat Mourns The Loss Of His Brother Until A New Friend Comes Along

The loss of a pet is always tragic, both for humans and other furry members of the family. When ginger brothers Harley and Davidson were adopted into their new home, they stuck by each others’ side and followed their human around together. “Meet Harley and Davidson (yawning),” iwanttopetalltheanimals wrote on Imgur.   “They were brothers I adopted from our local humane society,” she explained.   “They were inseparable and my little shadows.”   Like most cats, they enjoyed their naps and were … Read more

Cutest Little “Catman” Is Helping Save Philly’s Stray Cats

5-year-old Shon Griffin might be the cutest super hero you have ever seen. He loves dressing up in hero costumes to help his aunts, Kia Griffin and Kris Papiernik, take care of homeless cats with their feline foster and rescue charity, Kolony Kats. Superman Shon giving Stray Kitty Crew Emerald chin scratches! They both seem to be enjoying it! 😻😻 A post shared by Kolony Kats (@kolonykats) on Aug 14, 2017 at 10:15pm PDT Shon has been helping his aunts since he was … Read more

Couple’s Cat Accompanies Bride Down The Aisle On Their Wedding Day

Newlyweds Michael and Courtney Jimenez consider their tuxedo cat, Angel, part of the family. So, it’s no wonder that they couldn’t imagine tying the knot without their furry “son” on their wedding day! “We have two babies, Michael Jr. and our cat, Angel,” Michael Jimenez said in a story by “We knew we wanted our cat to be a part of our special day, so Courtney’s dad held him while she walked down the aisle.”   Luckily, they had … Read more

Stray Ginger Kitten Adopts Unsuspecting Human Who Quickly Falls In Love With Her

Cats are quite opinionated and selective when it comes to humans, but once they deem you worthy, you have a friend for life. A little orphaned kitten took an immediate liking to Imgur user, Potato Wasteland (PW) as he headed to his car on a frigid evening. According to PW, the tiny orange floof scampered right up to him as if he were a long-lost friend. Unwilling to leave her out in the cold, he scooped her up and brought her … Read more

Selfie-Loving Kitten Sneaks Into Police Station And Steals Hearts

A few days ago, a white and black 4- or 5-month-old kitten snuck into the Columbia Police Department station in South Carolina and stole some hearts. The police department posted these pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Meow wait just a minute… this furry feline stopped by #CPDWestRegion to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also #catsrule.” The kitten was later taken to a vet, where he was found to be a male without … Read more

Man Lets Cat In Apartment Before Hurricane, Promises Her A Forever Home

In the midst of the havoc that Hurricane Harvey wreaked on Texas, heartwarming rescue stories have surfaced and continue to emerge. One such story is of a young tortie who decided she’d seek refuge a couple days before the storm hit. She must’ve sensed that something big was about to happen, and luckily, found a place where she was welcome! The person who brought her into safety was Brett, an animal lover that couldn’t wait to share a photo of … Read more

Cat Begs His Human To Go For A Walk & Saves The Life Of An Elderly Neighbor

Bandit the cat is unusual in many ways. Once a kitty living in a no-kill shelter, he was adopted by Fran Swayze, who fell in love with him immediately. Bandit has made himself right at home at their condo in the Buena Vista Senior Community in Texas, and Swayze is happy to cater to his lovable quirks. For instance, the tabby kitty enjoys exploring, and begs his human to take him on walks every day! About a week ago, when Swayze’s daughter … Read more

Homeless Man Always Feeds His Cat Before Himself

Loong Dum, a homeless man in Thailand, may not always know where his next meal is coming from. But not matter what, he makes sure that his companion, a stray kitty, is well fed. The story of the big-hearted man is being circulated on the internet by animal lovers who admire his kindness. Loong Dum sells limes to make money, but his first priority is always to feed his feline friend. Along with his limes, he carries a sign with … Read more

Cat Saved A Soldier & Fate Brought Them Together Forever

If you believe that pets have the power to change our lives, and rescues save us in return for saving them, the story below is sure to pull at your heartstrings. When veteran and Purple Heart recipient Joshua Marnio was serving in Iraq, he heard an explosion nearby and was showered with debris. Although he survived the attack with no visual injuries, he suffered from multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury, according to a story by 11 Alive.    Marnio was eventually relocated to Ft. … Read more