Grandpa Terry Naps For A Good Cause

Cats love naps. Lots of people love naps too. So, what happens when the two are joined? An absolutely adorable situation is what! Which is just what happened at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, a shelter for special needs and elderly cats in Green Bay, WI. While many a volunteer offers time and support to the shelter, one man comes every day to spend time with the cats. He arrives with a brush in hand and a yawn on his lips. … Read more

Man Who “Doesn’t Want Pets” Surprises His Wife On Their Wedding Day

kitten surprise

Kaylee and Orion had been together for 5 years before they decided to tie the knot. Though they couldn’t be more excited about their future together, there was one thing they didn’t agree on. Kaylee grew up with cats in her family home and was dreading leaving behind her family cat, Nala, once she moved in with Orion. Orion does love animals, but he was just unsure about having a pet of his own. Though Orion was unsure about being … Read more

Cat Missing For 11 Years Finally Reunited With Family

The day that Tiger the tabby was accidentally let out of his upstate New York house and disappeared, his cat mom, Maggie Welz, made a commitment. She believed she would see him again and vowed to always keep an open place for him in the household. Little did she know that that day would come, but she would have to wait 11 years for it. Credit: Dutchess County SPCA/Facebook The year was 2008 when the door at the Welz family … Read more

Newlyweds Skip Traditional Wedding Gifts & Ask For Shelter Donations Instead

Two animal loving newlyweds recently tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Ohio. While most couples opt for traditional wedding gifts, these two had a very different idea up their sleeve. Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham are heavily involved in animal welfare, and have adopted each of their cats from local shelters. Over the years they have seen the great need that shelters have for supplies, and knew they wanted to help out in a big way. After doing research … Read more

Cat Cares for Orphaned Litter of Puppies as if They’re Her Own

Kathryn is a sweet cat that was found in an empty rental apartment with a litter of kittens. When the new tenants moved in and found her there, they called Langebaan Animal Care in South Africa right away. Sadly, Kathryn’s kittens did not survive, but Kathryn was perfectly healthy. However, she missed her kittens very much, and she longed for a family to call her own. Izelle Marallich, the chairperson of Langebaan Animal Care, decided to adopt Kathryn. She knew … Read more

Beagle Appoints Herself Surrogate Mom of Two Kittens

Forget everything you thought you knew about cats and dogs being mortal enemies. A young Beagle by the name of Daisy has set out to change your mind. The sweet girl was enjoying her laid back life at her home in England when her world changed. Double the Fun, Double the Love Daisy’s mom and dad decided to adopt a kitten. They headed out to a local farm where they had planned to adopt an orange tabby cat. Plans abruptly … Read more

Kitten’s Short Life Serves A Beautiful Purpose – Making His Dad A Cat Lover

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t love cats. Some prefer dogs, and others simply don’t care much for animals (gasp!). These folks may argue with my theory, but I believe that anyone can be converted into an animal lover. All it takes is the right pet! For one man, that pet turned out to be a very special kitten named Thomas.   Frequent kitten foster mom, Katherine – who goes by the handle, KittensForDays – shared … Read more

9 Signs Your Cat Actually Loves You

Have you ever wondered if your cat loves you? Cats express love for their owners in a number of ways. While some of these may be a bit obvious, other tokens of their affection have some hidden meaning behind them and you may have overlooked them not even realizing it. Once you know the signs, though, you’ll probably realize that your cat says “I love you” to you each and every day! If they demonstrate several or all of the … Read more

Cole & Marmalade Get A Life-Sized “Gingerbread” House This Christmas

Kitty-loving couple, Chris Poole and Jessica Josephs, are the humans behind the celebri-cat duo of Cole and Marmalade. When they aren’t advocating for homeless felines and championing spay/neuter programs, Poole and Josephs run a YouTube page devoted to all things cat. Since Cole and Marmalade tend to treat the family Christmas tree like a jungle gym, the couple decided to build them their own holiday-themed playhouse this year – and you can make one too! In the following video, Cole … Read more