A Perfect Example Of Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Gifts For Your Cat!

You can spend all the money in the world on your cat and chances are, they’ll find a bag or box somewhere that they find far more interesting! We’re not saying don’t buy them things, we promise – we love spoiling our babies. But we ARE suggesting you rethink your big purchases, because they may just like the box it comes in wayyy better! Take for instance this cutie-pie. He doesn’t need anything fancy! He’s a little Ninja in his … Read more

Super Cute Kitten Fails That You’ve Gotta See!

Marmalade and Cole are quite the cute pair! This video focuses more on Marmalade making some interesting choices, that result in some kitten fails! Also known as, Marm-a-fails! His goofy behavior is one that will have you smiling immediately, and he has us coming back for more! He’s a hoot to watch! I promise you, you’ll be smiling by the end of this video. Don’t believe us? Go see for yourself! Share the Marm-a-FAIL Love!! Share the Marm-a-FAIL Love!!  

Cat REALLY Loves Water, But From Alternative Sources!

Say hello to Joey! He’s a waterholic. Not to worry, he’s not dehydrated, he just really loves his water! But drinking it from a plain ‘ol dish won’t do. Nah, that get’s boring! This guy likes to drink his water from alternative sources. The sink, the tub, the watering can, and my favorite… a spray bottle. Seriously, who knew watching a cat drink water could be so entertaining! See for yourself! I bet you’ll be smiling in no time. SHARE … Read more

World’s CUTEST Wrestling Match!

No babies or cats were injured in the making of this film! 🙂 But I will warn you… Smiles may grow larger and hearts may fill with joy after seeing these two cuties “wrestle” one another! It’s super adorable. I love how the cat doesn’t use his claws or teeth! He’s genuinely playing ever-so gently with this child. It’s soooo precious! Check it out: Thought this was cute? Share it! Though this was cute? Share it!

Peek-a-boo! Cat Hides in Bag!

Cats are always up to something! This little guy has found his way into a McDonald’s bag. We think he’s redefining the meaning of a “Happy Meal.” I mean really, how can you NOT be happy after this cutie pops out of the bag at ya?! ♥ Get ready to chuckle at this mischievous munchkin! We could watch him play in the bag all day! The cat is out of the back (and then back in) SHARE! The cat is … Read more

Food-Crazed Cat vs. Automatic Feeder

This is too funny! Meet Milo. He’s a crazy, dry-food loving cat who can’t get enough to eat… ever! (He’s well fed and not starving, we promise!) Milo has figured out that if he runs and smashes into the automatic feeder, some extra kibble bits pop out. What a clever little guy! Of course, his technique is questionable, but nonetheless hysterical. Check it out! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use … Read more

Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Cutie Take a Bath!!!

Oh Reginald, we’re so in love with you! We understand that bath time isn’t your favorite thing to do, but we can’t help but find you adorable during the process! And we’re sorry to say that bath time isn’t over until you get dried off, too! But Reggie, you look so majestic and windblown! You’ve stolen our hearts, Reginald, and the hearts of 1,000,000+ others too! Have you seen him bathe yet? You may find yourself in love with this … Read more

The Truth Behind Why Your Cats Lie On Your Clothes!

It never fails! You walk into your room to find your cat(s) lying on your clothes! Our response? They’re just being jerks, dirtying all of our clean clothes… Right? Wrong! There’s some truth behind their madness and we’re totally missing out on it. This video let’s us in on the secret, so check it out. And hey, go thank your cat! SHARE! And then be sure to thank your cat!! SHARE! And then be sure to thank your cat!

Henri the French-Speaking Cat Discusses Art

Oh Henri, we must say… We believe you’re the French version of “Grumpy Cat” but with more refined brilliance. Your melancholy ways ‘woo’ the hearts of many viewers. Yet even with all this fame, you’re still in a state of depression. It’s OK Henri, you’re allowed to be sad. But we must confess… this video displays your fabulous taste in art. Magnifique! Maybe you can smile just a little for that? ♥ Share Henri with a friend!! Share Henri with … Read more

Precious Kittens On a Slide!

If you need to make your Monday a little bit brighter, we have just the video for you! It has plenty of kittens, of course! In this fabulous video compilation, these cuties are hanging out and playing on slides! It’s a sight that MUST be seen… And we guarantee you’ll be smiling in no time! (You can thank us later! 😉 ) SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh! SHARE this with someone who could use a laugh!