Cat Responds To “Who’s A Good Boy?” Just Like A Dog Would

Don’t be fooled, ladies and gentlemen. This may look like a cat. Walks like a cat. Meows like a cat. But what you see here almost certainly is a dog. Most cats play it cool. Maybe they’ll let you pet them today, maybe not. They’ll sit in your lap when they’re ready but if you put them there without their say-so, they’ll hop right off. And don’t try any of that baby-talk you use on your pup with them – … Read more

These Pictures Of “Poorly Drawn Cats” Will Have You Cracking Up!

We all have our talents, and a few of us are wonderful artists. But as for the rest of us? Well, we can probably relate to the illustrators of these poorly drawn cats. Started by an unartistic cat lover, the Twitter page @poorlycatdraw showcases some hilarious doodles that will have you laughing out loud! From the abstract to the weird, enjoy these cats that were drawn, well, rather poorly: snat — poorly drawn cats (@poorlycatdraw) June 29, 2017 just do … Read more

This Cat’s Quirky Habit Helped Him Find His Forever Home

One of the special things about cats is that every single one of them is unique, and the silly kitty in this story is no exception! Sigmund was 3 years old when he found himself in the Cat Haven WA shelter in Shenton Park, Western Australia. But despite being homeless, this spirited cat wasn’t afraid to show his true colors soon after being taken into their care. Lovingly described as a “nutter” on the shelter’s Facebook page, Sigmund’s caretakers noticed … Read more

Cat Expertly Mimics The Chef On A Cooking Show

Do you love watching cooking and baking shows? The kitty in the video below seems to enjoy it, too! As he watches the chef knead dough on the iPad, he seems to mimic the instructions like a true expert. He does such a great job, it really looks like he’s learning how to cook from the show! Take a look at the adorable video below: Source: Cat learns to knead dough through tutorial video by chaowu88 on Rumble Okay, so … Read more

Cat Crashes YouTube Review & Unknowingly Steals The Show

Cats are who they are, and no matter who is watching, and sometimes, it results in a hilarious situation! Popular YouTube channel TheReportOfTheWeek reviews new food and drink products for its 250,000 + subscribers. During a report on Red Bull’s new Kiwi Twist flavor, a fluffy ginger cat hops up on the table and makes himself comfortable right on camera! It’s a long video, so fast forward to 6:15 to see the entrance of the surprise guest.  Less than a minute later, … Read more

Cat Says “Nope” To The Day And Goes Into Hiding

Have you ever had one of those days where you just cannot? It’s not one thing in particular that you are dreading – work, the gym, bills, nagging kids – it’s all of it. Most of us don’t have the luxury of pulling the covers over our heads and shutting out the world – we have places to go and grown-up obligations to fulfill – but one brave cat named Loki is sticking it to the man and saying “no … Read more

Cat Isn’t Scared To Approach Lion At Animal Rescue

Alright, house kitties, I don’t want to see any of you trying this at home! Baggy is a “housemeow” known to hold down the fort at the Care Rescue Texas, a nonprofit organization that serves as a safe haven for exotic animals to find a place where they are loved and cared for, many of which come from a life of abuse, neglect, or breeding. And it’s been said that Baggy is a “tough little cookie”… but even her humans … Read more

Every Inch Of This Home Is Dedicated To Cats – And It’s For Sale!

The name of our site is pretty self-explanatory, and if you’re reading this, you probably “heart” cats as much as we do! But while we can all agree that we love our feline friends, we all show our affection  in different ways.   For instance, there’s a homeowner in Arizona who loved kitties so much, they covered nearly every inch of their home in cat paraphernalia! But now, the house is for sale.   The outside of this 2,500 square … Read more

Watch This Cat Scale The Wall Like A Spider!

Speed. Determination. Lightning-fast reflexes. We’re not talking about some super-Olympian athlete. We’re talking about Spider Cat. He may not fight crime or wear spandex, but where there is a red dot lurking or a strand of yarn wiggling–Spider Cat will be there. You can’t hide. You can’t evade him. Watch Spider Cat protect his human from this menacing feather. This feather chose the wrong house – and even going up the wall won’t save it from Spider Cat. The most … Read more

Man’s Photo Shoot With Cat Looks “Like Engagement Photos”

Reddit user wroboat really loves his cat. So when the 21-year-old got the opportunity to have professional photos taken, he knew exactly who to take with him.   “I really hadn’t planned on doing this but I had about $15 Groupon credit that was going to expire, so I decided to get a free photoshoot and canvas print at JCPenny to give the canvas print to my mom for Mother’s Day,” he wrote on Reddit.   His beloved cat – a 1 … Read more