Sphynx Cat’s Knobby Knees Are Taking The Internet By Storm

We love all cats, but we can’t help but admire the unique, hairless look of a Sphynx! Arlo, a kitty who lives in Los Angeles, according to WTVY, is internet-famous and known for one unusual feature: his knees! While there are lots of photos and videos on his Instagram page — cheekily known as @the.dark_lord — we love the look he gives his admirers in the video below: A post shared by The Dark Lord! (@the.dark_lord) on Feb 24, 2018 at … Read more

Rescue Cat’s New Family Get More Than A Pet – They Also Get A Masseuse!

There are so many excellent reasons to adopt a cat: they’re sweet, loving, make excellent companions and (should you need one) natural-born hunters. Cats blow us away with everything they have to offer, but they’re always adding new tricks to their repertoire! This is Banks, and at the time that this video was recorded, he was waiting for a home at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services Shelter in Bonita, California. It’s no surprise that he’s since … Read more

Watchful Tuxedo Cat Sits On His Stoop And Guards The Neighborhood

Imgur user ktlljhnsn – also known as Katie – spent three years attempting to win over a very important member of her community. He is the self-appointed head of the local Neighborhood Watch and he takes his job very seriously. His name is Minkus, and each day he perches his massive black and white body atop his owners’ stoop, surveying the world around him.   Katie began referring to her neighbors’ cat as Minkus before she learned the “lackluster” monicker given … Read more

Neighbor’s Cat Knocks On Window When She Visits Every Day

For more than a year, Imgur user, Antoine2449 has been photographing the neighbor’s cat when she arrives for her daily visits. It all began when the kitty named Mama showed up on the back porch. Antoine2449 opened the door and showered her with ear scratches and kitty treats. Ever since, Mama has not let a day go by without visiting her surrogate family.   If they aren’t outside when she arrives, she will peer through the windows until she spots them, then … Read more

Selfie-Loving Kitten Sneaks Into Police Station And Steals Hearts

A few days ago, a white and black 4- or 5-month-old kitten snuck into the Columbia Police Department station in South Carolina and stole some hearts. The police department posted these pictures on Facebook with the caption: “Meow wait just a minute… this furry feline stopped by #CPDWestRegion to say we were posting too many dog pictures and needed to show cats some love also #catsrule.” The kitten was later taken to a vet, where he was found to be a male without … Read more

Cash-Snatching Cat Helps Raise Money For A Local Homeless Shelter

A Tulsa, Oklahoma office kitty named Sir Whines-A-Lot has raised more than $100 for the area’s homeless shelter using a trick he learned by sheer coincidence. The staff at the marketing firm GuRuStu were perplexed when they first began to find piles of dollar bills inside the glass front doors of their office. They soon realized that passersby were using the bills to toy with him through the crack in the door – and the playful kitty was snatching the … Read more

These Are The Many Important Jobs That Your Cats Have In Your House

Cats may seem lazy. But what some cat owners fail to notice is that our cats have jobs inside the house. Yup, they have more than one job! These cats named Shorty and Kodi show us that cats in fact have various jobs inside the house. That’s why do they go running around and checking on things! First of all, they wake us up in the morning…so they’re our alarm clocks.   They’re also our security guards…guarding our houses against … Read more

Cat Food Bag Casts Mysterious Shadow That Intrigues Feline Fanatics

Cat lovers can see the “kitty” in everything. Clouds, architecture, words (you can locate them everywhere!), it’s nearly impossible to get felines out of our minds! When one Reddit user saw a pointy-eared shadow behind their cat food bag, the shape was rather uncatty – er – uncanny! So of course, he had to share. MarkSputnik posted a photo of the illusion online, and it didn’t take long for fellow Redditors to weigh in.   “It takes a cat to know … Read more

Lazy Cat Loves To Lounge In Her Own Miniature Hammock

In Brazil, a kitty named Paçoca loves living the good life in her own tiny hammock! Cat-mom Ana Beatriz Pinho posted a photo on Twitter showing her cat lounging in the pink contraption. Apparently, the kitty was keeping her dad company while they enjoyed some downtime. “My God,” the daughter posted in Spanish, “my father bought a hammock for her so she could lie [by] his side.” Meu deus meu pai comprou uma rede pra paçoca só pra ela deitar do lado … Read more

Cat Responds To “Who’s A Good Boy?” Just Like A Dog Would

Don’t be fooled, ladies and gentlemen. This may look like a cat. Walks like a cat. Meows like a cat. But what you see here almost certainly is a dog. Most cats play it cool. Maybe they’ll let you pet them today, maybe not. They’ll sit in your lap when they’re ready but if you put them there without their say-so, they’ll hop right off. And don’t try any of that baby-talk you use on your pup with them – … Read more