Meme-Lord He May Be, Smudge the Cat Still Doesn’t Like ‘Vegetals’

You’ve seen the “Woman Yelling at Cat” memes. They’ve made you laugh time and again. You’re thumbs have double-tapped a thousand different versions. Now, meet the feline star inspiring humorous minds everywhere. @smudge_lord/Instagram Smudge, or Smudge – Table Cat,  as he’s known on Instagram, is an adorable “chonk” of a cat who hates veggies, or as he refers to them “vegetals”. @smudge_lord/Instagram This vexation with vegetables led to the “Woman Yelling at Cat” meme, which has earned Smudge a following … Read more

Teen Takes His Kitty Queen to Prom

Cat people can be a little crazy when it comes to their feline companions. Most cat lovers own the fact and embrace it. Just like Sam Steingard when it comes to his family cat, Ruby. @RubythePrettyKitty/Instagram The 10-year old cat has been his best buddy for years and when he had trouble finding a date for the prom, Ruby was an obvious choice to join him for an evening of sparkles and fun. @RubythePrettyKitty/Instagram Sam and Ruby became a viral … Read more

Cats Freak Out When Their Parents Use Cat-Face Filters

Oftentimes, we wonder if cats actually know what they look like and if they recognize themselves in the mirror. Luckily, a new viral video might finally prove that they do! On the popular app called TikTok, there is a new filter that turns your face into a rather creepy-looking cat. While this filter might be amusing to us, cats just don’t seem to have the same reaction. A hilarious video was recently posted showing multiple cats reacting to this new … Read more

Chaotic Cats Jump Inside Woman’s Car When She Leaves the Windows Open

Natasha Ryce and her teenage daughter, Jessica Ryce, were visiting Natasha’s parent’s 40-acre farm home. Jessica was planning to go horseback riding during her stay, but she had left her saddle in the car. So, when she went back to the car for it, she discovered that her mom had left the car windows open. They had only stepped away for a short period of time, but in those moments, some cats had climbed into the open windows, and it … Read more

Quilty the Cat, Master of Escape, Feline Liberator

Quilty the cat may seem a naughty cat to some, but to his feline friends, he’s a hero. Recently, the Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas, found itself embroiled in a mystery. More than once, staff arrived at the shelter to find the senior cats free of their room and roaming the building. “We would come in in the morning and have to collect all 15 of the cats who had had a blast during the night,” said … Read more

Cat Throws A Hissy Fit When His Mom Dresses As A Cat For Halloween

Cats can get angry over the silliest things sometimes, but this cat has a perfectly good excuse for being upset. With Halloween approaching, his mom had to pick the perfect costume. Since she is a cat lover, what could be better than a cute cat costume to match her cat? She was all dressed up and ready for the spooky holiday, but it turned out, her cat was not amused at all. “I was dressed up as a cat for … Read more

Cinderblock The Overweight Cat Strongly Dislikes Her Workout

Workouts aren’t exactly a fun activity for most people or for most animals. Cinderblock the cat made this very clear in her viral workout video. Cinderblock, or Cinder for short, is a 25-pound Russian Blue cat that is trying to start a new workout routine in order to lose some weight. However, she is very unenthusiastic with her weight loss routine. After a 13-second video her was posted on Facebook though, people all over the world began to cheer her … Read more

This Kitten REALLY Gets Into His Dinner – Literally!

Our cats amuse, surprise, and sometimes even gross us out with their funny little quirks. Every cat has them, and what makes them unique is often what makes us love them so much! This kitten’s quirk? He’s into food. Like, really into food! He takes his bed in breakfast. He can combine lunchtime and naptime. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to eat his food or swim in it – so he’s doing both!   This food is seasoned with … Read more

10 Ridiculous Cat Products You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

You love cats. We love cats. We both love cat things. But do you ever wonder if some of the stuff we find might be a little too overboard? Afterall, we don’t really want to turn into that crazy cat lady (or cat man). In case you’ve been lacking in your search for unique cat products, for you or your fluffy friend, we’ve compiled a great list of items (in no particular order) that are so ridiculous you won’t believe … Read more